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    Son of the original Constrictor Frank Payne. Joined the Hood's Gang after acquiring his fathers battlesuit.

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    This article is about the second criminal to use the Constrictor name and equipment. For the first Constrictor, Frank Payne, who is the father of the second Constrictor, see here.

    Story Arcs

    Iron Fist vs Sabretooth: Round Two

    Frank Payne's son by a on/off again hook up in Chicago, Frank's son grew up resenting an absent father. He was surprised when Frank's will left him the Constrictor costume and weaponry. Despite his uneasy relationship with his father's legacy, he took up the Constrictor mantle and started operating as a criminal, working with the likes of The Hood and Serpent Society.

    When Sabretooth got wind of a new Constrictor, he decided to hunt him down. He saw the new Constrictor as a stain on his old friend's legacy. By the time that Sabretooth got to him however, he had already been beaten to a pulp and poisoned by the Rat of 12 Plagues as a result of a business deal gone wrong. When Sabretooth found out that the new Constrictor was Frank Payne's son, he decided to save young man instead of killing him, and brought him to a hospital in a rare moment of genuine kindness.


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