Constantine Drakon

    Character » Constantine Drakon appears in 30 issues.

    A Greek assassin who kills for money, and an antagonist to the Green Arrow.

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    Drakon Master Of Death
    Drakon Master Of Death

    Drakon's history is not well known, he has hinted about coming from a rich family. He discovered his skill for killing at the age of ten, when he apparently killed his family's gardener, just to find out what it felt like to kill someone. Drakon also stated that people use to pick on his small size as a child but after he killed someone these petty name callings did not seem to matter anymore. He became a master at his art of killing, even calling himself a prodigy. The only path left in his eyes was to become an assassin and so his life of killing began.

    Major Story Arcs

    Into the World of Heroes

    Initially confronting Green Arrow and the others when contracted to kill monsters plaguing Star City, Drakon job was to cover up all ties linking his employers to the monsters at the their construction site. Green Arrow is also investigating the monsters in his city proves to be more than a match for Green Arrow, Drakon also goes so far as killing one of Connor Hawkes friends, Drakon would also now have to face Ollie Queen (Green Arrow) Face to face, the battle is quickly over when Drakon stabs the Emerald Archer through both hands with his own arrows. Drakon leaves Ollie alive telling him that he won't kill him as he has not been paid to do so.

    Joanna Pierce who found ties between the monsters and Elevast Corp (the company that hired Drakon) is killed by Drakon to prevent the truth from coming out. We discover that Ollie had been seeing Joanna before her death. Drakon then breaks into Oliver Queen's house to find copies of the files that Joanna made.However Drakon is unaware that this is Green Arrow's home and soon comes face to face Connor Hawke. While considered a formidable opponent in his own right, Connor was devastated by Drakon's martial onslaught, Speedy. comes to the aid of Connor and soon finds herself the hostage of Drakon. Connor has to shoot Mia in the shoulder and then blow up the house with Drakon in it in order to escape.

    Riddle Me This

    Drakon seemed to vanish after that, but it appears that he managed to escape from the house. Brick contacts the Riddler in order to help distract Green Arrow while he sets up in Star City knowing that killing Green Arrow would only bring the full force of the Justice League coming down on him. While Green Arrow along with Speedy and Connor Hawke fight stilt man outside the front of Star City Bank, Arsenal Green Arrow's former side kick finds himself locked inside the bank, with the windows lined with explosives. It turns out that this is all a trap set by the Riddler, who has hired Drakon to help him with Brick's contract, setting off the bombs, Drakon captures Arsenal, Ollie and the rest of the Arrow family think he has died and the Outsiders soon arrive on scene to help find their missing team member .

    Arsenal manages to escape the truck that Drakon is moving and the two face off. Just as Arsenal thinks he has the upper hand, he finds his throat bleeding, he had not seen Drakon's movements and now has to keep his hands on his throat to stay alive. The Outsiders and The Arrow family contact Batman who helps track down the Riddler via his computer and they all set out to find Arsenal. As the battle against Riddler's compound reaches a high, Connor and Mia find themselves face to face with Drakon once again, once again he soon has the two of them at his mercy and just as he is about to finish Connor is captured by Shift one of the Outsiders, they had set up a trap just to capture Drakon. Drakon fights to the very end but can't get out of the meta-morphing powers of Shift.


    Deathstroke joins Drakon in Revenge.
    Deathstroke joins Drakon in Revenge.

    Drakon finds himself in prison, even in this world he is feared by all the other inmates. Deathstroke allows himself to be captured to speak to Drakon who had been keeping tabs on Green Arrow while he was in prison. Deathstroke ask for his help and the two escape, they attack Green Arrow and the Arrow family including Black canary. Drakon faces off against Connor and Mia and Deathstroke fights Black Canary and Green Arrow. The two mercenaries soon have the upper hand and just as it looks like they are going to win, the Justice League appear. Deathstroke uses a device that has attacks all the weakness of the JLA. The two merchs escape before the JLA regroup . Drakon has still not been captured.

    Powers and Abilities

    An incredibly skilled martial artist, Drakon's has been able to best Connor Hawke, one of the top martial artist in DC, on two occasions. Despite his skill, his most dangerous attribute is his metahuman level speed. Drakon was able to slash Arsenal's throat without him even noticing until after Drakon attacked. Drakon is capable of catching numerous projectiles including several arrows shot by Connor Hawke and Mia Dearden simultaneously. He is also skilled with numerous weapons including firearms and especially with knives.

    Arrow TV Series

    Constantine Drakon will be introduced in the Arrow TV Series as Adam Hunt's head of security. Constantine Drakon will be played by Darren Shahlavi. Adam Hunt is a corrupt business man who made it on Arrow's hit list after Ollie found his father's journal. According to Robert Queen's journal, Adam Hunt may have been one of the conspirators who orchestrated the attempted assassination on his son as well as his murder. Constantine Drakon was a formidable opponent for Ollie but in the end Hunt was exposed for his illegitimate dealings.


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