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    Character » Conserve and Protect appears in 6 issues.

    Originally created to be the protector of Nu-Earth, Conserve and Protect or CAP went haywire after learning about Earth's weapons and set out on a mission to destroy them all along with those who wielded them.

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    Conserve and Protect is a massive and powerful robot engineered for the express purpose of maintaining peace and order for the artificially constructed world Nu-World. Designed and created by Alyssa Moy, with monetary support from Dr Ted Castle, Conserve and Protect (also known as CAP) was programmed to recognize and identify threats to safety and eliminate them. With most types of weaponry already forbidden on Nu-World Conserve and Protect was also to maintain that status quo. Nu-World itself was also born from the resources of Ted Castle and the intellectual and engineering ability of Alyssa Moy. An artificial world created to resemble Earth and built in a parallel dimension, Nu-World was a massive and ambitious project, it would also be funded by Castle's company Earth-Trust, and require a multitude of scientists, engineers and constructors. The idea being sold by Earth Trust would be that Nu-World as a near perfect replica of Earth would be a system open to all humans when the Earth would become inhabitable. Only weapons in the general sense we emitted from Nu-World. Conserve and Protects reason for existing as the ultimate in peace and law enforcement.


    Conserve and Protect is a Marvel comic book character created by Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch. Conserve and Protect first appears in Fantastic Four #555 released in 2009. The robot character seems loosely inspired by Captain America, as far as its design to uphold the law and peace, as well as its visual motif, color scheme, use of symbols and large A symbol positioned on its head armor. Not to mention Conserve and Protects nickname acronym of CAP matching Captain Americas nickname.

    Major Story Arcs

    Worlds Greatest

    Despite the noble intentions behind the construction of such a durable peace keeping robot, it malfunctioned and would begin identifying danger on Earth itself, threats as minimal as soldiers bearing arms were set for elimination and due to Conserve and Protect being built to be indestructible and unbeatable, not only would it be near impossible for regular humans to stop, but many of Earths superheroes would fail to neutralize Conserve and Protect. Using an Anti-Galactus suit he had built some months prior, Reed Richards was able to bring CAP down and save Earth from certain annihilation.

    Powers and Abilities

    Created by the brilliant intellect of Alyssa Moy and the vast wealth and resources of Ted Castle, Conserve and Protect was built to be indestructible and supremely powerful. With the ability to teleport, adapt and run limitless battle scenarios and strategies.


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