Conrad Heyer

    Character » Conrad Heyer appears in 12 issues.

    Head of The Eye, which provides video surveillance to the Norsefire government.

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    Very little is known about Conrad's early life. At some point he joined up with the Norsefire government and rose to be the leader of The Eye, probably due in large part to the intervention of his ambitious wife, Helen Heyer.


    Conrad was created by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. He made his first appearance in Warrior #2.

    Major Story Arcs

    V for Vendetta

    Working as the head of The Eye, Heyer keeps Adam Susan and the other council members apprised of the pertinent video surveillance information following the emergence of V. As the chaos around V and the crumbling government grows, Conrad is manipulated into plotting against the other members of the government by his wife Helen as part of her efforts to place him as the new Leader. Growing increasingly dissatisfied with her and his lot in life, Conrad is pushed over the edge by V sending him a video of Helen and Alistair Harper having sex. He beats Harper to death with a wrench, but not before Harper manages to partially cut Conrad's throat with a razor. Found dying by his wife, in disgust she sets up a video camera and television so that he can watch himself bleed out and die.

    Powers and Abilities

    Conrad has no superhuman powers or abilities.

    Other Media

    V for Vendetta

    Heyer appears very briefly in this film adaptation. He is portrayed by Guy Henry.


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