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    A Viltrumite who was put in charge of overseeing Mark's take over of Earth. He was killed during his rematch with the young Viltrumite.

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    Conquest first appeared in the aftermath of the Invincible War, a disasterous event in which a supervillain named Angstrom Levy used his dimension spanning powers to summon an army of evil, alternate universe counterparts of Invincible to the main Invincible's world. What followed was a cataclysmic battle between the evil Invincibles and all of the world's superheroes. The heroes won, but the battle had ravaged the face of the planet and left most of the heroes either dead or severely injured, minus Invincible himself. When the evil Viltrumite Empire noticed this, they decided that this would be the perfect time to conquor Earth, so they sent Conquest respectively to accomplish the task. Conquest appeared before Invincible and gave him an ultimatum; either Invincible would conquor Earth, or else Conquest would kill him and take over Earth himself. This only fueled Invincible's already large amount of stress and anger, so he responded to Conquest's threat by attacking him.

    The ensuing battle between the two caused even more destruction to the already devastated world with Conquest proving to be not just stronger than Invincible, but also very sadistic, explaining that he isn't trying to kill Invincible because he was ordered to, but because he wants to. As Invincible continues to get pummeled, his half-brother Oliver arrives to assist him. Oliver manages to land a few hits on Conquest, but when the latter grabs hold of the former and prepares to tear him in half, Invincible rescues him and orders him to instead stay away from the conflict while he holds fights Conquest.

    As their battle rages on, Invincible suffers serious injuries while Conquest only suffers minor ones. During this time, Invincible's girlfriend Eve wakes up from a coma in the hospital, and after she sees Invincible battling Conquest on television, she flies to the battle to assist her boyfriend. When she arrives, she tries to contain Conquest with her forcefields, but Conquest tears through them easily, and then critically wounds Eve by punching a hole in her stomach. As Eve seemingly dies in Invincible's arms, Conquest confesses to him that he is glad that he angered the Viltrumites enough to send himself to Earth, claiming that he hasn't had this much fun in ages. The broken Invincible then vows to destroy Conquest no matter what.

    Conquest isn't convinced that Invincible can stand a chance against him, but admits that he is impressed that Invincible can still threaten him after all he has done. When Invincible's only responce is a rage-filled glare, Conquest provokes him to attack again. Invincible then delivers a punch powerful enough to destroy Conquest's robotic arm, but in the process breaks his own arm, and then tears off a chunk of Conquest's shoulder with his teeth. As the two reach the final moments of their battle, Eve regenerates herself and uses her powers to sear Conquest's skin off his body. Invincible then apparently kills Conquest with several blows to his head.

    It was recently revealed that Conquest isn't dead, but imprisoned by Cecil for interrogation. However, after healing from his severe injuries, Conquest escapes confinement and flies into space to regroup with the remaining Viltrumites. He comes before Thragg, the Grand Regent of the Viltrumites, and pleads for mercy for failing to take over Earth. Thragg spares him, but only if he doesn't fail him a second time, and then instructs him to intercept and kill Invincible before he reaches the Coalition of Planets. Conquest obeys, and after recieving a new robotic arm takes two other Viltrumites with him to locate Mark's ship.

    After locating Invincible's ship, Conquest destroys the vessel and then prepares for his rematch with the young Viltrumite. He finds great joy in the chance of killing both Invincible and his father Nolan. Oliver attacks Conquest first and is easily swatted away. Oliver, still inexperienced with being in space, begin to suffocate as he lost his breath. He heads towards a Planet with an atmosphere to catch his breath. Conquest sees that Oliver has broken away from the others and sees an opportunity for an easy kill and follows him. As Invincible's allies take on the other two Viltrumites, Invincible follows Conquest to help his brother. As Conquest enters the Planets atmosphere he makes a crucial mistake and exhales, but before he can breathe in again Invincible starts to strangle him. At one point in the fight, Conquest is actually worried that Invincible will kill him, so he punches a hole in the young Viltrumite's stomach, mirroring what happened to Atom Eve in Issue #63, in hopes of ending the fight quickly, but Invincible fights on until he manages to finally kill Conquest by strangling him to death.

    Powers and Abilities

    His Viltrumite physiology has given him several different superpowers. One of them is extremely slow aging and he's likely lived to be thousands and thousands years old yet, he his still in his physical prime. He also has dominant genes. If he or other Viltrumites have a child with a different race, their physical traits and appearance will override that of the race that they bred with. He has extreme superhuman durability and a healing factor. Therefore, he can heal from things that would normally kill not only humans, but other species of aliens as well. He's been shown to survive being completely disemboweled, touching lava, and even living through close range of a bomb blast. His Viltrumite physiology allows him to survive in space and although he cannot breath in that vacuum, they can hold their breath for up to two weeks and it's almost a given that he has superhuman speed, stamina, and a strength level that it's upper limits are completely unknown. Another ability that is very common to his race, is that they all possess the ability to fly. The only weakness that he and his species share, is that they have a vulnerability to the unbalance of equilibrium in their inner ear. This is generally set off by extreme frequencies and it can cause them pain, and even kill them.


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