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    Conquest, one of the eight Exemplars, is pure combat incarnated.

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    Conquest is the avatar of Krakkan. Bridget was already skilled in armed and unarmed combat when chosen. Krakkan enhanced her fighting skills and granted her mastery of all kinds of weapons. 
    Bridget was born to a working-class family in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. She grew up amidst the violent period known as "The Troubles" (1968 - 1998), a long conflict between Unionist (Pro-British, majority Protestant) and Nationalist (Pro-Unification with the Republic of Ireland, majority Catholic) factions of the area. Bridget saw family members killed and others facing incarceration by the British authorities. She was an angry girl, wanting to fight back against the harshness, poverty and prejudice surrounding her. Her method of doing so was never specified. But she was suspected of ties to the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and ended up wanted by the police. 
    Bridget hid in a forested area, evading arrest. She took the time to seek the peace denied to her through life. Instead she was contacted by Krakkan who led her to his "Kestrel Key of Krakkan". She became his avatar and his warrior. 

    Powers and Abilities

     Conquest is a true warrior . Her suit has many dangerous weapons, and her combat mastery is probably one of the best in the universe . Her reflexes allow her to catch such fast opponents as Quicksilver , and her weapons can resist even the Thor's hammer - Mjolnir .


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