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    It seems you can't keep even a so-so superhero down, even after he's dead.

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    Daniel Lyons crash-landed his plane in the Rocky Mountains, as Golden-Age luck would have it he landed near a hidden laboratory of scientist James Norton, (it was going be that or a monastery) who used his invention, the Cosmic Ray Lamp, to restore the wounded pilot to health while at the same time boosting Daniel's physical and mental abilities to super-human levels and giving him amazing regeneration abilities.

    Professor Norton persuaded ex-solider Daniel to use his new powers to fight the Axis, from whom the scientist had fled to America in 1938.

    Now clad in a red-white-and-blue costume, the man renamed The Conqueror carried on a one-man war throughout Europe!

    In addition to his superpowers, the Conqueror relied on the fighting skills he picked up in the military, throwing knifes being a specialty, however he knew how to use everything else from hand guns to flame throwers.

    Despite his new improved self and skills he still died at some point during the war, returning in modern times as a part of the “American Spirit.” *

    * This was shown in the Superhero Project.


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