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Connor's Punishment
Connor's Punishment
Connor is a disturbed individual. He has a past of killing dogs and wearing their faces as masks. He helps Mr. Arkham (aka Nyarlathotep) bring about his plans to destroy Cthulhu because he has been promised a puppy.  
Mr. Arkham has also asked Connor to serve as a vessel for the Gith in the coming war. The Gith will only merge with Anubis or one of his sons, however, it cannot tell the difference between the real thing, or someone "posing" as the creature, which is where Connor's strange proclivities come in.
Connor loses his nerve right before the "procedure" and runs away to a seedy bar. Mr. Arkham, being the god that he is, finds Connor easily and talks him around. After the procedure, having removed Connor's eyes and brain, Mr. Arkham punishes him for his recent doings by making him look upon his "nightmarish reflection" in a mirror until the day his body is returned... 
The Gith is not seen after Fall of Cthulhu: Apocalypse #1, so it is unknown whether Connor had his body returned...

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