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    Born of two vampires, this human teen is truly formidable. The first "dhampir" of the Whedon-verse Connor has been alluded to be some form of savior.

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    Born in November 2001 to Darla and Angel, Conner is the first person ever born of two vampires. He is a "Miracle Child", birthed by two vampires but as a superhuman not a vampire. His conception was only possible because of the trials Angel had gone through to save Darla's life. Darla had already been brought back once by Wolfram and Heart, and could not be given another shot at life, yet Angel was still owed a life. As a result, when Darla seduced Angel, Connor was conceived as a result and as payment of that debt. As the child of two vampires Connor is more than a mere human, though he isn't a vampire. He has all the abilities of their species, yet none of their weaknesses. Connor is a warrior in every way possible, continually surprising those around him and making them wonder just how powerful Connor truly is.

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    Darla spent the majority of her pregnancy attempting to have the child aborted, yet every attempt failed to kill the child. He even managed to repell a powerful shaman, who had been Darla's final resort. Accepting her fate, Darla returned to Angel for the birth of her child. Angel protected Darla from the myriad forces that had surfaced in an attempt to claim the child. In the end, since vampires were not meant to reproduce, Darla had to kill herself for Conner to be born. She did this willingly, because she loved her son. Afraid that once the child was born and she was no longer sharing its soul she would be incapable of feeling such, she tasked Angel with protecting their son and drove a stake through her own heart. Connor spends the first few months of his life being raised by the members of Angel Investigations, though his primary caregivers were Angel and Cordelia. Then events were set in motion that brought this time to an end.

    Sahjhan, a time-shifting Demon Lord, sought to bring about Connor's downfall because he was prophesized to destroy him. Using his temporal powers to travel back and forth through time he re-wrote the prophecy to read that "the father will kill the son", in reference to Connor and Angel. He also manages to spike Angel's blood supply with samples of Connor's own blood. When Wesley discovers this, frightened for the child's safety, he decides to whisk him away to safety. In the process he loses the boy to Holtz, when his follower Justine slits his throat. Holtz plans to take his final vengence on Angel and Darla by raising their child as his own to hate them, naming Connor as Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz. In the end his plans fail, because of the inteference of multiple factions. Wolfram and Heart, Angel Investigations, Sahjhan, and Holtz all battle for the fate of the child. In the end, Holtz manages a phyric victory by launching himself and Connor into a portal to Quor'Toth, the darkest of the dark worlds.

    Quor-Toth and Holtz

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    Due to the difference in the movement of time in Quor'Toth, similiar to Angel's own impriosnment in hell, Connor spent the first 17 years of his life in the hell dimension. To survive he is forced to constantly fight, in the dark and hellish dimension. Holtz raises Connor as his son Steven, Angelus (Angel's vampiric form) and how he brutally murdered his previous family, he aslo told him twisted stories about what Angel had become since regaining his soul. This causes Connor to despise Angel, effectively turning him against his true father. While merely days have passed in Los Angeles since his dissapearance, Connor (Known as "The Destroyer" in Quor'Toth) returns, having punched a hole through dimensions straight to the Hyperion Hotel. The 17 year old has only one goal, to kill Angel. Craziness ensues as Connor adjusts to life in L.A., especially after Holtz makes his prescence known. Holtz's continued to manipulate Connor, culminating in framing Angel for his own suicide. An enraged Connor, with help from Justine, captured Angel and sank him to the bottom of the ocean in a metal box, knowing that he could survive indefinately.

    Angel Investigations

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    While Angel is imprisoned Connor works with the remaining members of Angel Investigations, Fred and Gunn, irionically spending the majority of their time attempting to track down Angel's whearabouts. Gunn and Fred act as Connor's guardians during this time, and consider themselves to have grown quite close to him. When Wesley free's Angel, he returns to the Hotel and after revealing Connor's actions, kicks him out. For a time, Connor's relations with the team are understandably shakey. Though they evenutally begin to get better over time, he even reaches a point where he refers to Angel as "Dad" on occasion. When Cordelia returns without her memory, she chooses to stay with Connor over Angel and the team because he was honest with her, another decision that strains their relationship.

    When the seemingly all-powerful Demon Lord, known simply as "The Beast", rises from the exact spot where he was born, Connor feels responsible. After a failed attempt to stop the behemoth, he seeks solace in Cordelia's arms. Connor works closely with his father, and the gang to defeat the Beast. When the decision is made to release Angelus, because he may have information pretaining to the Beast, Connor is deeply affected. After the cermony, he spends considerable time with Angelus, revealing that he believes him to be his true father not Angel. He attempts several times to Stake Angelus, though he is thwarted and outright defeated by Angelus each time, and after his escape beleives that he will be given the oppurtunity to do so. When Wesley brings in the rogue Slayer, Faith, Connor and her get into a fight regarding Angel's fate. Faith manages to beat him easily, earning his respect. Angelus is captured and re-souled, though Connor is presented with a new set of problems, Cordelia is pregnant.

    Purpose Revealed

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    It is revealed that Cordelia has been taken over by a higher being who seeks to return to the Earthly plane. This being has been orchastrating events since Angel first came to Los Angelus, attempting to return, and Connor's conception and birth were brought about just for this purpose. Despite the attempts of Angel and the gang, and the spectre of Darla, Connor protects Cordelia until the birth of their "child". With Jasmine's birth, Cordelia is placed in a comma, and Connor and the rest of the world are placed under her spell. Eventually Angel and the others are able to defeat Jasmine and free the World from her control.

    Burnt out from the battle with Evil, both for and against Angel, all Connor wants to do is to rest. Losing control of himself, he begins lashing out. The stress of loosing world peace, Cordelia, and his daughter sent Conner over the edge. He held people in a sport store hostage threatening to blow them up, but Angel showed up. He freed everyone and defeated Connor. In a final act of love, Angel agrees to take over the L.A. branch of Wolfram and Heart, under the condition that Connor is given a new life. As per the agreement, Connor is to have a whole new existence as an ordinary boy raised in a happy family, with no memory of his kidnapping, his childhood in Quor-Toth with Holtz, and the subsequent year since his return. Other than Angel (and some special cases like Cordelia and Eve), everyone's memories are rewritten to accommodate this new reality.

    New Life

    Part of his new reality, Connor becomes Connor Reilly, the son of Laurence and Colleen Reilly. However, he is destined to cross Angel's path again. A few months after Angel takes over Wolfram & Hart, Laurence and Colleen bring Connor to the office in order to get some answers about their son. Apparently, Connor was hit by a van and suffered no injuries. Angel sends the family away, saying that there is nothing that he can do for their situation. Soon after, Connor's family is attacked by demons, and, in the struggle, Connor displays an amazing feat of strength, much to everyone's surprise. Having no other choice, Angel informs Connor of his special abilities, but leaves out the fact that he is his father. However, the attacks were not random occurrences. Cyvus Vail, an elderly demonic sorcerer and the architect of Connor's new life, drew Connor out on purpose. Vail demands that Connor fulfill his destiny and kill Sahjhan, whom Vail considers an enemy. When Angel resists, the demon Vail threatens to return Connor's memories.

    Connor agrees to the fight, but is outmatched (due to having forgotten his formidable fighting skills). Meanwhile, Wesley discovers Angel's deception and confronts him at Vail's. No longer trusting Angel, he shatters the Orlon Window, a magical artifact holding the memories of Connor's original existence, which, upon breaking, restores the memories of those nearby (Wesley, Connor and Fred/Illyria/) and enables Connor to kill Sahjhan. Even though his memory is restored, Connor says goodbye and returns to the Reilly family.

    On the eve of his final battle with the Circle of the Black Thorn, Angel visits Connor for coffee. Connor reveals that he knows Angel is his father and is grateful for all he has done for him, but prefers to leave it at that. Later, when Angel fights Marcus Hamilton, Connor shows up to fight by his father's side, saving Angel from being staked by Hamilton and helping him to gain the upper hand in the fight. When Angel asks what he is doing there he says, "Come on. You drop by for coffee and the world's not ending? Please." As the Senior Partners begin to exact their vengeance, Angel tells Connor to go home and that as long as Connor is safe, the Partners can never destroy him.

    After the Fall

    Connor begins the journey home, but decides that he should stay and support his father. As he prepares to head back to Wolfram and Heart to help Angel, L.A. is transported to hell. In the intervening time, Connor takes on a role similiar to Angel's providing humans and good demons sanctuary with the help of the benevolent werewolf Nina Ash and the mutant Gwen Raiden. Part of Connor's story surrounds a romance between him and Gwen, but this ends when he discovers Gwen has betrayed him and the team. He also actively kills multiple demons, sometimes alongside his father, the now-human Angel. After the team moves back into the Hyperion Hotel, Illyria reveals to the others that Angel is no longer a vampire. Angry with his father for being lied to, Connor leaves, but subsequently returns after Angel has been mortally wounded in a fight with the now-vampiric Gunn, kicking Gunn out a window and convincing a dying Angel- who has seen a vision of what appears to be him as Angelus in the future- to keep fighting, his words making Angel realise that he would never allow himself to become what he saw in that vision.

    In a later battle, as Gunn's plans came to fruition, he lashed out at Connor with a flaming sword. Conner died telling Angel (who had been revived) that he was a good person, and to never let Wolfram & Hart change him. Connor's death demoralized Angel for a momment, though in the end he was able to come up with a plan to save his son. Realizing that Wolfram and Heart needed him alive, and that they were all simply trapped in a momment of time from his timeline, he allowed Gunn to kill him. This forced Wolfram and Heart to place them where they were during the final battle. Connor was brought back to life, having never died in the first place, though he had all of his memories. Seeing his father's dragon in the sky he followed it to the hospital where he met up with Angel and the remnants of the gang. Connor and Angel were suprised to find that all the citizens of Los Angeles rememberd their time in the hell dimension, bringing Angel and his companions dealings into the light and making them heroes to the populace.


    Connor is half-demon and has all the basic powers of a normal vampire, but on higher levels. He possess super strength, speed, hearing and smelling. However he isn't quite as skilled as Angel, but normally kills regular vampires. He doesn't have any vampire specific weaknesses and has been trained by Angel and Holtz.


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