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Connor MaCleod
Connor MaCleod

Born in 1518, Connor MacLeod was raised a warrior by his Clan who were at war with the neighbouring Frasier Clan. During an epic battle in 1536 between the Clans, Connor was impaled by another immortal, The Kurgan. Dealing him a mortal blow Connor lay on the battleground dying. Found near death at the end of the battle, Connor was taken back to Glenfinnen for his last rites and a proper burial once he was dead. On his deathbed, Conner was visited by his family and honoured by his Clan until he died. Reviving from his first death, he believed it was a miracle, unfortunately the other members of the Clan, his family included, thought differently, they believed it was witchcraft, the work of the devil. Facing being burned at the stake for his crimes Connor was banished from Glenfinnen by the Clan Chieftain Angus MacLeod.

Now alone and unsure of who he was, Conner wandered the highlands, trying to find a place of his own. In 1539 Connor met Heather MacDonald, the two fell in love and were married. Finding his own place of land, Connor started to build his own home for his family, at first a modest dwelling while he worked on their main house. While living there Connor was attacked several times by his old clansmen from Glenfinnen who now wanted someone to blame for their Clans downfall.

Returning to Glenfinnen to save his mother from the townspeople Connor was captured and imprisoned. Forced to watch his own mother burn at the stake for his ‘witchcraft’ Connor went mad with grief, escaping his cell and killing all in his path, including his old friend Jacob Kell, the son of the Clan holy man. In the ensuing battle the funeral pyre was knocked over, the fire spread quickly through the village, burning it to the ground.

Giving his mother a proper burial, Connor returned to Heather and building his house until in 1541 he met the man then known as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, another immortal who had been born as Tak Ne three thousand years earlier in ancient Egypt. Ramirez took Connor under his wing, becoming his teacher in the life of an Immortal and the rules of The Game. Training him in styles of combat that Connor had never seen before, Ramirez quickly became friends with the younger immortal.

MaCleod vs. Kurgan
MaCleod vs. Kurgan

Ramirez told Connor of the man that had dealt him his first death, The Kurgan, an immortal from Russia who was as cruel and sadistic as he was strong. If he was to win The Game then mankind would suffer an eternity of torment. Training to beat The Kurgan became the driving force in Connor’s life, forsaking the building of his house for now he began training harder than ever before. Under the guide of Ramirez he became adept at swordsmanship and trained in various forms that Ramirez had mastered from the Far East. One night while Connor was away, The Kurgan finally attacked. After a heated battle The Kurgan slew Ramirez and absorbed his Quickening. Raping Heather and destroying their home in the process The Kurgan was furious that he could not find Connor.

Returning to the scene, Connor found Ramirez body and buried him honorably. Heather never told him about the ordeal she faced with The Kurgan, something he wouldn’t find out for over four hundred years. As Heather grew old Connor stayed with her until she died an old woman, after her death Connor buried her in the Highlands and burnt down his house, now intent on finishing his training as an Immortal he left Scotland and started exploring the world.


As an immortal he can only die by having his head cut off, all other injuries will heal. He, like other immortals, are able to sense when another immortal is near and when he kills another immortal, he gains all of their knowledge, memories, and experience.

However, as an immortal, he is not allowed to fight on hollowed ground such as churches and graveyards.

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