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The world dragon is alive! The magical beast from the mists of prehistory, which laid waste to thousands in its day, has been awakenedand unleashed! What hope does the son of Green Arrow have as he faces this monster alone?


Connor faces off with the earth dragon in the middle of shanghai. He is in awe of the creature and its fiery breath. It chases him down as he searches for footing so he can fire off his arrow.

Zhao and Hoon watch closely monitoring the situation. Zhao reveals that once connor has slain the dragon he will take its powers and be just as powerful.

Connor saves a child as he flees from the still pursuing dragon. Fyers , Crowfoot and brandy are stuck in traffic so fyers takes the rocket launcher and goes on foot. Connor gets his footing and makes the shot

Zhoa and Hoon realize this dragon’s armor is intact, they have brought forth a new dragon and not the one of old. Connor’s arrow hit’s the target but falls to the floor unable to pierce the armor. Fyres arrives reminding him of the legend and sends the rocket at the monster. Once the smoke clears the dragon has an open wound but connor has no arrow. Shado appears and shoots the arrow to him. He catches it and shoots the dragon killing it.

Connor and Fyers are happy but Shado warns them the dragons death is only the first part of the legend.

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