Conner Wolf

    Character » Conner Wolf appears in 114 issues.

    Conner is the second born of Snow White and Bigby's children.

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    Conner, who isn't too different from Darien, just slightly less dominant. During the Inherit the Wind arc, it shows that Conner is beginning to show his insecurity among his siblings, particularly when it comes to Darien. Since Darien has taken the mantle of pack leader, it may have done some influence with Conner's feelings. When one of the wind attendants attempt to test Conner, he is ready to give up. Believing that because Darien's the pack leader, according to Bigby, he's the most favored not just as a candidate but as their father's favorite. He saw no real point in trying as it was seen to Bigby that Darien is always the best. It should be noted, depending on the style of the artist, Conner does have some similar facial features to that of Prince Charming.

    As an adult, Connor works for a secretive Fables based intelligence unit. Two of his closest allies are Peter Piper and Bo Peep.

    Connor is bisexual and often indulges with many willing partners.


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