Team » Congregation appears in 3 issues.

    A team based on faith, they try to banish evil. One member can summon all the others.

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    The Congregation were sent by Strega to destroy Shadowpact. The Congregation did not realize that the Shadowpact were heros. They attacked Nightshade, Ragman and Blue Devil. While breaking free of one of Nightshades constructs, they blind the team. Ragman uses one of the oldest souls in his suit to recover. Thinking of themselves as heros, after defeating the Shadowpact, they leave them alive. Three of the Congregation then try to destroy the Oblivion Bar. They are stopped when they realize that they cannot summon the rest of the team, since the Oblivion Bar is not on Earth. The rest of Shadowpact restore their sight with help from Madame Xanadu.

    Powers and Abilities

    Members of the Congregation are everywhere. One can summon the rest telepathically. Together, the Congregation can summon a light stronger than the sun, the "Revealing Light of Truth".

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