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    An Astro City vigilante. He's been active from the beginning 1950's to his death in 1997 during the Enelsian Invasion. Since 2001, his former sidekick Altar Boy has taken on his name and costume.

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    Jeremiah Parrish was a nineteenth century Catholic priest who came to Romeyn Falls (that would become Astro City) with Cardinal Enzio Grandenetti in 1869, to help him build Grandenetti Cathedral. He had administrative duties, overseeing the importation of material, and dealing with workers, many of them coming from Eastern Europe.

    Jeremiah took notice of a woman with an injured stone worker, and found excuses to revisit him to see her. One day, the woman revealed herself to be a vampire, and fed on him. Left drained of his blood and buried in garbage, he rose three days later as a vampire.

    Although he tried to repent as a priest, people would drive him away upon learning of his nature. After years of seclusion hiding in Grandenetti Cathedral, he saw hope in the newly emerging super-heroes such as Air Ace, and following their examples, became one.

    Major Story Arcs


    In 1997, Confessor took notice of Brian Kinney after the boy defeated Glue Gun while working as a busboy. Confessor took Brian under his wing, training him and giving him the identity of Altar Boy.

    Over the next few months, Confessor and Altar Boy patrolled the streets, while a series of mysterious murders plagued Shadow Hill and Mayor Stevenson clashed with the heroes of Astro City.

    Eventually, Confessor discovered that Mayor Stevenson had been replaced with an alien. He sacrificed himself to expose the Enelsian Alien Invasion, revealing himself to be a vampire when the aliens fought him with holy water, crucifixes, and stakes. After his death, Confessor took the blame for the Shadow Hill murders.

    Four years later, Brian returned to Astro City after intense training to become the new Confessor. Although the original Confessor was a vampire, his successor is not, unbeknownst to criminals who try to fight him with vampire weaknesses.

    Powers & Abilities

    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Strength
    • Superhuman Endurance
    • Teleportation
    • Vampirism
    • Hand to Hand Combat
    • Deductive Reasoning

    Weaknesses, Limitations, and Vulnerabilities

    • Sunlight- Confessor will burn up in sunlight. As such, he only patrols during the night.
    • Holy Water- Holy water will hurt Confessor, although he is able to resist it.
    • Crucifixes- Confessor is harmed by crucifixes, but is able to endure the pain.
    • Stakes- Confessor died from being impaled through the heart with a stake.


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