Character » Condor appears in 36 issues.

    A vigilante in a flight suit who comes into conflict with the Birds of Prey in Japan before switching to fight alogside them. He joins up with the Birds back in Gotham, where he reveals he knows things about Black Canary's past.

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    Condor is first seen in Yokohama, attacking the Clan of Daggers, who just stole Katana's sword. Condor steals it back, but is then attacked by numerous Dagger Clan ninjas. After defeating them, he runs into Black Canary, Batgirl and Starling. Before Black Canary has a chance to explain, Condor attacks, assuming they are the Dagger Clan's elite soldiers, while the ninja's steal Soultaker back. Condor then temporarily joins the Birds to get Soultaker back and rescue Katana. Condor reveals he enjoys being a loner, but misses belonging to a team with people to back him up.

    Afterwards, The Birds discuss new members after being betrayed by Poison Ivy and Katana leaving. Batgirl claims to have an idea, and asks the team to trust her. Batgirl then introduces The Team to Strix, a mute ex Talon for the Court of Owls. As Canary talks with Strix, Condor tackles Strix, believing the Team was being attacked. As Strix is about to kill Condor, she is calmed by Batgirl. Condor reveals he was tracking them to join the Birds. Black Canary decides to try both Strix and Condor as members, as a Basilisk agent is breaking out of prison. As the team debates way's of sneaking in, Canary suddenly loses control of her Canary Cry, and destroys the building and power station.


    Benjamin Reyes is a native american who was recruited into the NSA straight after college, and became in charge of overseeing data tracking operations. This ended when he started having crippling headaches. In an attempt to commit suicide, Tskilon saved his life. He eventually found out that his headaches were suppressed powers, and thus, he joined Basilisk assuming that they wanted to save the human race. They code named him Poltergeist. After finding out the true mission of Basilisk, he attempted to saves the prisoners, but Tskilon saw right through him and led the entire team to ambush him and leave him to die. An engineer whom he rescued, saved him and taught him how to channel his telekinetic powers into mechanical wings to enable him to fly. He then decided to become the man known as Condor.


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