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    Condor and his partner, Swan, are rivals of Hawk and Dove.

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    Condor, and his counterpart, Swan were created by Hawk and Dove writer Sterling Gates and artist Rob Liefeld.


    Condor makes his appearance at the end of the first issue of the Hawk & Dove series. He has a tendency to eat people while in the midst of a battle.

    He fought and captured Osprey, an assumed carrier of the War Avatar, and allowed his partner, Swan, to kill him so she could gain her powers. They seem to have a romantic relationship, though it is twisted. Later, at the White House, they take the President and Judge Irwin Hall hostage to try and get Hawk & Dove's attention. After Swan disappears from her fight with Dove, Dove takes her short sword and stabs Condor with it, forcing Condor to revert to his human form - an elderly man. Condor is transported to a secure facility so the heroes can interrogate him.

    He has no known ID on record but he does appear to be British. He claims that he needs to kill Hawk because Hawk is a member of a War Circle. Condor doesn't seem to comprehend the idea of Dove being the avatar of peace, so he thinks she should be killed as well. He alluded to secrets that Deadman is keeping and says that having him around makes them easy to target. In the middle of the interrogation, an unknown group of people come to break Condor out. At the same time, Swan kidnaps Deadman for help locating the rest of Hawk's War Circle.

    Condor and Swan put Deadman into a chaos crystal to make him into a key so they can cross into another realm. Once they cross the barrier, Condor 'feeds' off of Swan and morphs into a giant four-eyed bird creature. As the bird creature, Condor fights Hawk & Dove, who are trying to save Deadman, but loses and cries for mercy. By the end of the battle, Condor and Swan have completely disappeared.


    It could be assumed that, through the powers he has gained from killing agents of the avatars, he has gained the ability to morph his body in a way that would allow him to consume the whole head of a full grown adult with ease. The rest of his powers are currently the same as Hawk's, but they are changing relatively rapidly. His powers have kept him alive for around 200 years.


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