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    Max Cash is the brother of Cole Cash, Grifter. He was chosen to replace Grifter on the WildC.A.T.S team led by Savant and Majestic even though he isn't as good a fighter as his brother.

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    After their father was supposedly killed, toddler Max Cash grew up idolizing his big brother Cole( Grifter), while a rift grew between them over Max's acceptance of their mobster stepfather, whom Cole despised. When Cole entered the army and disappeared, Max began to emulate him, though the Del Gracci name was enough to keep him out of serious trouble. He became a firearms expert and a ladies man. When Cole resurfaced, he treated Max as a cheap imitation, a reputation Max has tried to shake without success. He has worked as an undercover cop, capitalizing on his mob connections. With the breakup of the original WildC.A.T.s, Max was recruited by Savant to take Cole's place, and given the codename Condition Red. After an injury, he went his own way, but later returned to the group. He was later killed in an age old revenge hit by the Coda Sisterhood after aiding in preventing an anti-alien/SPB Internal Operations movement known as the Puritans attempt to prevent the Kheran/Daemon from ever setting foot on Earth by rewriting history through time travel. Max would later be reanimated during the Devils Night crossover where his revenant would kill the Daemonite bonded Kheran warrior Olympia whom Cash had a filial affection for in life. He was eventually put down by his elder brother once more in order to give his deceased sibling peace in the Afterlife.


    His current standings after Worldstorm are unknown.

    Alt. Versions

    The Monarchy

    Having no relation to the aforementioned sibling of the Grifter. The new Condition Red, whom would come to be known as Caleb, was an extradimensional con-artist whom served at the sly and highly tactile super thief whom King and Synergy had saved from an eternity of torturous servitude at the hands of a wrathful gods punishers. In exchange he would be their go-to guy for tracking useful talent for their growing crew or acquire items of exotic value for the trans-reality black ops unit to trade with interested eldritch parties for weapons and secrets. Being provided with an arcane technological set of equipment in order to aid in the collection of his superiors desired contraband as well as for practice use in self-defense against otherworldly horrors which the team often fought agaisnt.

    DC Universe

    Cash was one of the many Wildstorm characters migrated over to the main DC line post-Flashpoint, first appearing in Grifter #1. In DC's new 52 Max is sent by the government to track down his brother Cole, who is being hunted by both the United States and the DC's re-imagined version of the daemonites. During his pursuit of Cole, Max Cash is murdered by one of the daemonite scouts who then inhabits his body. In issue 8, it is revealed that Max's consciousness is still existent inside of the daemonite, however Max is incapable of controlling his body in any way. Once the daemonite is defeated, Max is able to telepathically convince his brother to kill his body, finally allowing him a peaceful death.


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