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By the start of this tale Conan has been King of Aquilonia for almost two decades since he dethroned the dark Numedides. He has now a son, Con, ready to take his place at Aquilonia's throne. Conan sitting on his throne recalls his previous life: how he started off from Cimmeria to become a King and make a harem girl Zenobia his Queen. Zenobia since their marriage (happened in King size Conan Annual #5) has given him four kids but has died at birth. Conan thinks of everything lost and gained within his life time. Suddenly red petals appear engulfing and erasing count Trocero, his old friend. These pedals appear all over Aquilonia and take with them 700 citizens during the next few months.

Late one night, Conan has a strange vision. He gets lost behind a great wall of fog. Before him a tapestry of all mankind's long and arduous history appears. Then he sees the Prophet Epemitreus a man dead long ages ago whom he has known from his past as a king , when Epemitreus in the form of a vision saved him from a coup. Epemitreus says that Conan must embark on a new voyage again and travel far beyond the age of the world to save mankind. It is his last obligation and his last journey. Epemitreus gifts Conan with an ancient talisman. Conan then wakes up and resigns from kingship leaving his own son Con to rule as Conan the second. He disappears to the streets to fulfill his purpose.

Months later Conan is at Messantia where he meets his old mate Sigurd. Then a cloaked figure appears and shows them a gold ring. He is Ariostro the king of Argos himself and he is ready to finance his campaign. His astronomers have found amazing readings concerning the world's fate and have prompted Ariostro into financing Conan. Conan then reaches the pirate island of Tortage and with a crew of pirates starts to storm the seas beyond the end of the world.

In their voyage beyond all known lands Conan and his crew are attacked by a huge tentacled beast which resembles a giant Octopus. The beast creates a terrible havoc, but Conan manages to kill it by diving into the seas deep end and hitting it into his eyes completely blinding it. Then with the help of his crew mates he boards the ship and remembers the last name by which the Ghost of Epemitreus called him: Conan of the Isles!

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