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Lady Aztrias represents a whole heap of trouble for our Cimmerain bludgeoner. Conan offers to help Aztrias pay back her gambling debts…but a ‘House of Relics’ turns out to be the resting place of an ancient serpent god!

We start this issue with Conan lorking in a bush. he hears a girl crying for help. She and her chariot are attacked by wolves. Of course Conan is able to kill one of thethree wolves and saves the lady who turns around and bitches order to our Cimmerian babarian. So he sets her chariot back the way it was and discovers her driver is dead thank to the wolves.Our poor guy drives this wench back to the gates of Numalia So Conan does drive the chariot and she is greeted by the guards of the city she is known as Lady Aztrias. With her personality she percieves Conan as a thief boy she has a bug up her butt.

Enter Numalia they do.Theyturn the corner and we meet Dionus the prefect city guardKallian who is upset that Conan wrecked the chariots wheel. Aztrias tells them both that Conan is her ne driver andthey back off. Aztrias tells Conan of a relic sent to the priest of Ibis from people in Stygia of course she wants it and wants Conan to get it for her she wants to see what is inside the box.

Conan goes to the hall of relics and makes it in. There he discovers Kallian's dead body. Conan is at bay thanks to a guard named Arus who believes Conan killed Kallian. We also see the bowl empty. Some more guards come from the town and surround our boy. They all think he Kallian from their meeting earlier that day. They go to arrest Conan but he bashes twoof theguards heads together.There it is revealed Conan wanted the contents of the bowl but Dionus hs explained to him the Stygiansworship a serpent god named SET and set and Ibis are enemies. Aztrias comes in and is shocked at what she percieves is muder by Conan.

Of course she betrays Conan and betraying him.Conan says if she was a man she'd be beheaded but suddenly there is a shriek in the building.We see Arus badly beaten and telling them of a god with s long cursed neck.They all head into the chamber and see a gold mask that is alive and suddenly it attacks and picks up Aztrias Dious flees and other guards try to save the lady. The monster kills the guard leaving you know who by Crom, tis our barbarian.

As the fight Conan stabs it with his sword and bashes it again with fists and crossbows until the serpent is limpless. Our Conan finally gets up and all but him and another in the house of relics is dead. He leaves out the city and flees.



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Seven Is Usually My Lucky Number 0

This issue I'm not sure what they were going with. I mean Conan saves a chick but she's mean and petty. I know Roy Thomas can write better than this. Maybe it;s the whole sword and sorcery thing. This story just read long. I fel if a story does that than it doesn't work for me. I was astonished it took me twice as long toread this  and it has less words than other Conan issues I have reviewed. Ok so we know the monster is a serpent and it killed the people it needed to that deserved it. I don't ...

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