Conan the Barbarian #5

    Conan the Barbarian » Conan the Barbarian #5 - The Claws of the Tigress! released by Marvel on May 1971.

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    A Zamorian village is subjected to a cruel sorcerer’s transfigurations…and this mage is in league with his daughter! Conan must summon his Cimmerian strength against Zukala and his tigress daughter, Zephra!

    Comic adaption of the poem " Zukala's Hour" written by Robert E. Howard

    We start with Conan in a remote Zamorian Village.He is bartering with a storekeeper and suddenly the sky grows dark. All the villagers are panicking. Conan asks the store guy what's up. It is tax time and the peasents pay forty pieces of gold the same every year on that day.Suddenly a cats head forms out of the mist and the shopkeeper is worried he yells "IT'S SHE" Suddenly she forms into real as it is a tiger and it is attacking by crom.The tiger destroys a cart and is now looking to attack people.

    The monster attacks Conan and destroys his sword in a leap. Tackled to the ground is Conan and for some unknown reason the tiger walks away without doing more damage to our Cimmerian. The villagers describe the creature -lady to Conan. How she can morph from tiger to lady in seconds and vice versa.She is apperantly Zukala's daughter Zephra. She was born when the wind was out of the north and when the greylight lifted for morn.Such ones they say are cursed with second sight. With that the towns people also tell Conan they'd like to get rid of Zukala and Conan accepts the job.

    They tell Conan some more about Zephra. Zephra meanwhile heads to her father's castle without the gold and she faints.Back at the inn Conan agrees to do the job and wants forty pieces and a sword the shopkeeper wanted to sell him. Conan leaves for Zukala;s castle.Conan leaps into and climbs the castle walls. He enters a room where Zukala is knealing. He is calling a dead spirit to get the job his daughter could not and gettheir forty pieces or kill interuppted by Zukala and he and Conan have a small fight in which Conan knocks Zukala's mask off.Zukala flees telling Conan he will pay.So into another room they go and fight Zukala uses his magic and Conan his might and weapons.

    As they continue Zukala commands his daughter to help him and she transforms and does his bidding she attacks our Cimmerian.The demon like thing Zukala conjured up has come back with the villagers money. It is told to attack Conan but Zephra jumps on it and tackles it to the ground.They wrestle and the demon has the upper hand. Conan runs to save Zephra.Conan hits the demon called Jaggta-Noga with an axe but Zephra is thrown hard.Zukala upset over what has happened to his Zephra attacks Jaggta with his sorcery.and sends Jaggta back from where he came from. ANd a few seconds later Zukala and Zephra disappear as well to come back another daty perhaps. Conan leaves the castle with money on his way to Shadizar.



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