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Who are the Choosers of the Slain? Conan meets the Grey God, a mysterious being who says that war is imminent...

This story is an adaption of Robert E. Howard's story The Gray God Passes. We see on the splash page Conan in chains why I don't know. There we meet an old man just talking away about war and blood on the wind. Conan wants to know who this man is instead he lifts his sword. We then look up to the sky and see 12 woman flyin g on horses. The old man calls them the choosers of the slain.The old guy tells Conan he will see and witness the passing of kings and of more kings.. he then tells Conan to get gone for gigantic shadows stalk red handed across the world and night is falling on Hyperborea.

Conan does but he turns around and it appears the guy grew and has turned gray. We then come across a lone rider. Conan reaches to him and asks him if Bruthunia has gone to war with Hyperborea. The man says yes and Conan goes with the guy still his arms chained up for Conan has Hyperboreans he wishes to kill. Conan tells the man how he came to be in chains and how he fled. There are close to the camp but a woman named EEvin warns the rider whose name is Dunlang not to go back there..

We then are sent off to the woods between Brythunian and Hyperborean . We see acouple meeting Malachi and Kormlada. Apperantly the plan callesfor Malachi to double cross his Brythunian army for gold and some passion. Cut back to Conan and Dunlang and Eevin. Eevin can see into the future she says she seed Dunlans dead body in a vision.

Back in the camp of the Hyperborean army we meet King Tomar who s looking for Kormlada . She just returned from the meeting with Malachi.Tomar is mean and berates and abuses Kormlada who s plotting against Tomar as well.Dunlang takes Conan to meet his King Brian (original name lol). Conan still has his cuffs on and swears not to take it off till he sees the blond who puts them on him and he slays him. Nightfall and Conan sits by a fire. He meets Malachi who proceeds to finally free Conan of his chains.

It is dawn and the battle is soon. Everone is getting ready except for King Brian. Conan asks Dunlang why Brian isn't fighting . To which he responds we fight for him. They depart and the men chant for Borri to which Conan asks who that is . Borri is the name of a god whose sacrifices are the men who die in battle.The battle begins and fight on they do. Conan sees the blond guy who chained him and kills him. Dunlang orders Conan to tell Malachi to advance with his horsemen. He does not apperantly it is not yet time. Conan looks like he saw seeds of treachery in Malachi's eyes.

Conan runs to tell Dunlang who knows Malachi had betrayed them. He takes off his maging gold mail armor EAevin gave him and then he is struck down from a Hyperborean. Realizing the treachery Conan stalks and goes after Malachi who is on his way to kill King Brian. Conan reaches him and kills Malachi. Meanwhile Ing Tomar reaches an unguarded King Brians tent. There they battle and violently kill each other at the same time. And we see Borri who was the old man at the begginning looking down at the battle.. Rain begins and the winged horses and ladies ride down andConan now nows who Borri is. And now Conan understands what Borri meant.



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