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Conan 25 Contains a Short Story About Kull's Later Years

(Review of 'Kull' story only)

The conclusion of Kull's own title did not mark the end of the character's appearances in Marvel Comics. In this issue of Conan the Barbarian, there is a story called 'Kharam-Akkad's Story', which features an older Kull, sitting upon the throne of Valusia, who is weary, and "...no more for him were the wild sea-songs he had heard as a boy...", but simultaneously stirred by unrest, longing "strange, luminous dreams" that "roamed his soul". His enemies use this to do away with him by sending him on a quest to seek out a certain wizard who can give him answers.

The story is an illustrated prose story, with no word balloons, but is surprisingly satisfying for a mere two pages. One could easily imagine it stretched out to fill an entire issue of a Kull comic - who knows, perhaps it was intended to be?

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