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The lovely Moira lures Conan into a trap…and now he’s at the mercy of the hideous Beast-Men! But Conan shall triumph as a king-killer!

Well this once continues off from the last issue. Conan is walking away from the cave in that issue. We see him apperantly having slayed a giant yeti like creature.So our Cimmarian walks and stumbles upon a ginger hair maiden who runs away from him. He follows but is ambushed and knocked unconcious and took as a prisoner.One of the ambushers it looks like loves to talk about the woman Moira who Conan chased and the giant that Conan detroyed. and no sooner does he keep talking but they finally make their way to the village of Brutheim.

They arive to a city in a cavern magestically designed and Conan is thrown into the slave pens, is our babbarian to be a slave forever? There he meets Kiord chief thrull of the barracks. Conan looks for a way out and the dum guy still talks like there is no way out and Conan will die a slave like they all will.

Kiord tells the story of some human wanderers who went searching for beast men aka ape men like wesee in lkanet Of The Apes(this is when they made movie after movie). So these beasts knew how well the men built stuffand kept them as slaves and also these beasts kidnapped human women too for the men to have wives and keep the slave supply going. Just then the beasts arrive it is work time for the slaves. Their king it appears is getting ready to attack the outside world with built war machines. Of course being inchains does not hold well for Conan so he stands there and takes a few words from Zha-Gorr the-manape who ambushed him. OF COURSE OUR Cimmarian attacks but is quickly tooken down from the small army of man apes.

So in all this confusion comes the king and his handmaiden Moira. He sees and thinks Conan not fit to be a slave. Moira suggest he be used for the games instead and so Conan is locked up and looks to be in the monkey games. Sittingand brooding Conan does. Kiord walks up and hands him an knife he made from obsidian for which he tells Conan to use it to kill himself , of course Conan opts to use it for something else down the road.

It is time for the games of Gha-Kree and the beast-men lead out those manlings they deemed are too rebelios and dangerous for trials of combat and yes Conan is being led out too .

The king demands forgivness from Conan who says nay so under orders a snow lion is released. Conan does battle it and kills it with the knife Kird gave to him. Of course it is forbidden and the guards go in to seize Conan. They capture him and the king demands they kill Conan after he begs for his life. Kiord finally has had enough and breaks free from the pen he and all the slaves were in to watch the games. Of course a revolt is taking place and in shape. Conan and Kiord see one of the battering rams and with all theirs strenght they push it towards the king and his court / However tragedy happens while the manlings are finally free Kiord perishes. The last of the manlings the firswt among men of his tribe.



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