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Tetra mourns for the loss of her lover
Tetra mourns for the loss of her lover

Conan, tetra and Delmurio wander around war ravaged Zingara. They meet a band of young kids who attack them and kidnap Tetra. Conan then has a brief meeting with an Aquilonian officer who warns him that the army will besiege the town where the kids live. Delmurio joins him but Conan refuses to follow the captain. Conan leaves but the officer commands an officer to spy on him. Delmurio meets the Aquilonian captain and quits the army.

Meanwhile Tetra enters the kid's campsite. She meets their leader, and falls in love with him. Conan finds her and takes her away. But the Aquilonian spy is right behind him... Back in the Aquilonian camp the Aquilonian Captain is slaughtered by his general. Conan and Tetra rush in only to find that the general has allready executed the kid's leader. Tetra mourns over the loss of her lover and Conan rushes in to fight the Aquilonian army. The General gets frightened and tries to escape but the kids rush into the scene and make him pay for killing their leader. Conan is sad but also notices that the kids are enjoying their victory as if they are happy after a long time.

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