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Conan and Tetra meet Delmurio a one-eyed Zingarian army captain. Tetra's father rushes in thinking that the Zingarians will save him but instead they murder him. Picts rush in and fight with the Zingarians. Conan manages to escape the fight scene. He and Tetra see a cabin in a tree and entering they meet Keiv, the man who happened to have taken Delmurio's eye. He leads them to Nostume, a Magician in the form of a kid with white hair and Kawagne, the leader of the Picts. Nostume summons a tentacled monster to kill them but Conan prevails. Nostume tries to seal them off then destroyes the mountainside where they are, but they survive. Later Conan finds out that the other half of the map was tattooed by Keiv on Delmurio's chest. Conan, Tetra and Delmurio embark on a quest to find the treasure. Meanwhile Nostume transforms Keiv into a giant green monster and then sends it to destroy our fellow Barbarian and his companions.

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