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Conan`s reign as War-Chief of the Bamulas is proving fruitful, and the Cimmerian leads his warriors into another successful raid against the Kungado tribe.

The beaten tribe swear allegiance to their victors which Conan accepts. However, a Bamulan called Basotu crys the enemy must be slaughtered. Conan challenges his rival -

who backs down...

Back at the village the old wise-men are still bemoaning `the white dog` who has taken command, Conan shrugs this off. His new `mate`, Felida, is at least becoming more welcoming to the northern barbarian...

As night falls, a lone tribesman stands watch over the cattle-pen. A fanged man suddenly leaps from the foliage, stabbing the sentry in the chest, he then begins to drink blood from his victim`s throat...

Conan has been alerted by the sentry`s scream, and rouses the camp. He and a group of warriors rush for the cattle-pen. Upon seeing the `undead` men attacking the cattle, the Bamulans are filled with superstitious dread. Conan`s reaction is to hurl a spear into one of the mysterious attackers - killing him. Confidence boosted by seeing their opponents are mere flesh and blood, the Bamulans attack. The intruders shrink back from this renewed charge, into the jungle...

Immediately, screams come from Conan`s hut, who races back. He charges into the hut to find three of the fanged men have sneaked through the wall and are in the act of carrying Felida off. He slays one and knocks another senseless with a mighty punch, Basotu kills the third with a well aimed spear...The Bamulans are impressed that, other than their white war chief,one of their own can kill the `blood-drinkers`.

One of the village wise men informs Conan that `the men who drink blood` are indeed humans, who file their teeth and shape their ears to points to give them their demonic appearance. They call themselves Drelliks (vampires) and live in a cave system in a hill, some days trek away.

The captured Drellik, Ashido, agrees to take Conan`s war party to his kinsmen. He must wear darkened goggles as the Drelliks are weakened in sunlight...

Conan and his warriors reach the Drellik cave-village, Basuto then turns to kill their guide, Ashido, and once more Conan stays the hot-headed Bamulan`s hand.

The Cimmerian climbs the compound wall and opens the gates for his warriors. They enter the caves to see the sleeping forms of many Drelliks and, watching them, the sinister king upon a carved stone throne - who, at his command, the Drelliks rise from their slumber to attack!

Conan hacks the devious Ashido down and rushes the Drellik king, his sword passes through the being`s torso and, in panic, Conan suddenly realises he faces a true vampire!

The undead king seizes Conan and hurls him into the wall, the Cimmerian slumps unconcious...

The awestruck Bamulans lower their weapons in surrender as the vampire king carries Conan`s limp body further into the depths of his cave lair...



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