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Conan sits alone in a jungle clearing cooking meat over a rough campfire. A sound in the surrounding jungle alerts him, and he is suddenly attacked by a group of Bamulan tribesmen. The Cimmerian hacks down two, until he is brought down by sheer weight of numbers and a blow to the skull from a war-club. Conan has slain the tribal war-chief in the skirmish and the warrior, Yorubo, wants to kill Conan and take the now vacant position. Another warrior, Mulla, holds him back, stating a tribal council must be held before the role of war-chief can be taken. Yorubo begrudgingly agrees and Conan is bound and taken to the Bamulan village...

Conan is roped to a wooden stake in the village compound. One night he witnesses a warrior from a rival tribe thrown into a pit in the village centre, to his death...

The Cimmerian, at the stake for several days, works slowly on the knots binding his wrists and listening to his captors - he knows many of the tribal dialects from his time with the Black Corsairs...

It is a night of the full-moon,and Yorubo is arguing with the other warriors. He demands Conan be sacrificed to the `many-legged one` and be proclaimed as the new war-chief.

Mulla disputes this and Yorubo kills him with a spear thrust, the other warriors are stunned by this outrage but indecisive. At this moment, Conan breaks free and demands his right to challenge Yorubo to the war-chief claim, by trial of combat!

A log is placed over the pit that dominates the village centre, and from below emerges a gigantic spider-like monster - The Many-Legged One!

Yorubo and Conan, both carrying spears, approach each other from either end of the log balancing over the pit and they clash. Initially Yorubu has the advantage, but with a kick, Conan sends his challenger into the pit - and onto the monster waiting below...

Yorubu`s distraught wife, Felida, whips out a knife and jumps into the pit in a wild attempt to save her doomed husband. Conan, admiring the courageous but futile act by Felida, jumps into the pit to plunge his spear into the giant arachnid. After a brief struggle, Conan slays the monster, but Yorubo, seeing his opportunity, rushes at Conan`s back with his spear. Twisting the spear, the Cimmerian kills the tribesman - and wins the challenge, becoming the tribe`s new war-chief.

Felida is given to him as a gift, and he carries her to his hut...

where, exhausted he sleeps. Felida is sorrowful and angry at the recent, sudden events. For a moment she considers plunging a dagger into the white barbarian`s sleeping form...then relents.

Dawn approaches over the dense jungle outside....



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Carry On Up The Jungle 0

Just re-read this old Conan issue, I loved this period in the saga of our favourite Cimmerian. Personally, I like jungle tales, the atmosphere of steaming jungle, savage natives and monstrous things bursting out of the darkness in Edgar Rice Burroughs adventure type stories. So I was already chuffed before I`d got through the first page. This issue started a new era with Conan. Belit, who ran with the series for over three years is dead and, thankfully the story doesn`t moon over this too much. ...

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