Character » Computo appears in 5 issues.

    A sentient computer intelligence who fought the X-Men.

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    Computo was created by Quasimodo and was sent to steal a new transmitter that was just about to be installed. Computo sent three of its activated cybernetic agents to the radio station to retrieve it. At the radio station, the three agents were defeated by Cyclops and Jean Grey. With the plan a failure, one of the remaining agents flew back to the home base. Jean Grey tracked its flight with her powers and along with Cyclops, followed it. They came across a work-site and found a network of underground tunnels. They followed one and came across Computo and its agents, of which they fought and defeated. After the battle, Quasimodo came out of no where and revealed that he was the one who created Comuto. He then flooded the tunnels and made his escape.


    Computo was created by Arnold Drake and Werner Roth.


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