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    A Villain from teenage mutant turtles comics books.

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    Max was a child who worked on the reservation for grandfather. One day, while he and Hazel Macintire were down by a river, he threw a rock at a beaver but Hazel managed to throw off his aim in time for him to miss. Max was cursed that day by the Native American spirit animals because of his disrespectful behavior.

    Years later, Max worked in construction and, during a very rainy thunderstorm, refused to exit the construction site until his work was done. He was then struck by lightning which activated the curse which transformed him into the monster known as Complete Carnage. At the same time, the same lightning struck a young girl making her body into pure energy. This girl became Radical. Radical represents the natural elements while Complete Carnage represents the industrial world; making them destined to battle each other. 
    After a few of the battles with Radical where she attempted to throw him to the North Pole but he hit a 747 and landed at a monk gathering, Complete Carnage realized that he must improve his powers. He studied with the monks until he was able to meld his body with constructed objects like cement and draw power from them. After destroying the monastery, Complete Carnage believes he is ready to face Radical once again.

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    The primary battle between the two occurs in New York because of the prevalence of man-made objects for him to draw power from. The Ninja Turtles become involved and help Radical out. At one point, Carnage holds Radical against the wall he is in strangling her, but Radical rips off his arm. She then flies to Central Park and hides the arm. Carnage follows and the two of them fight until Radical uses a "particle beam" which quickly transports the two of them to the dreamscape but scatters Carnage's cement-like pieces across the park. The TMNT take the pieces and send them to different parts of the country stating that they are pieces of the "Big Apple" for the receiver to keep.
    Complete Carnage eventually reforms and he finds himself battling Radical often in the dreamworld because Radical does not want the violence and destruction to bleed into the real world. Complete Carnage finds himself in a sewer struggling to remain awake so he does not have to fight Radical in the dreamscape. Eventually, he does fall asleep and is caught in a trap set by Radical and the turtles.  As him and Radical fight, Donatello conjures the Sly Fox spirit. Complete Carnage dives into pavement gripping Radical with him. The Sly Fox spirit then turns the pavement into water trapping Complete Carnage's atoms in a liquid state.

    Years later, Complete Carnage manages to reform. As Leonardo and Radical - with their developed relationship - walk on the

    city streets, Radical senses Carnage's presence. Just then, he jumps out of the wall and snaps her neck. Leonardo cries out in distress. Eventually, Leonardo and Complete Carnage meet up again in Tokyo. Carnage is holding Japanese women
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    hostage inside a building and Leonardo appears to forgive Complete Carnage for the murder of Radical and to convince him to release the hostages. Complete Carnage revels in the fact that Leonardo is there and antagonizes him. Leonardo snaps and kills Complete Carnage with his katana. This would become Leonardo's final kill.


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    He is able to melt into man made construction material. He can move freely inside steel and concrete walls and absorb energy from that wall proportionate to its mass. He also has regenerative abilities. He can be blown to small peaces and still regenerate.

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