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Comic History

First Appearance: June 2, 1940 Commissioner Dolan was originally the police Commissioner of New York City as a part of the Spirit universe. When DC Comics started writing for the Spirit everything moved to Central City. As such Dolan became part of the by runs the police department in the crime-infested Central City.

Character History

Golden Age Dolan

Aiming at the Spirit
Aiming at the Spirit

Eustace Dolan is the Police Commissioner in New York City when the Spirit becomes a known vigilante in the city. He ends up having a very close bond with the hero even after the Spirit admits to a murder he didn't commit. The Spirit admits to the crime for fear Dolan would resign if he didn't. Even after the the Spirit becomes a criminal, Commissioner Dolan still has great feelings for his friend and great respect for him but he is committed to his job.

Modern Age Dolan

Dolan is a widower with one daughter ( Ellen Dolan) who he eventually has to answer to as she runs for and becomes mayor of Central City. Dolan is usually seen as a hard-edge, no-nonsense guy. He often has a pipe clenched within his teeth. As he becomes more agitated, the more he clenches. Even though he seems to usually be bad tempered when dealing with the corruption or shenanigans of the local criminals, Dolan has a kind heart deep down. Dolan is one of the few entrusted with The Spirit's secret identity.

Other Media

Fighting Crime
Fighting Crime

In the film the Spirit the character of Commissioner Dolan was played by Dan Lauria.

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