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Amy Angotti grew up in the Midwest playing cops and robbers with local boys, but ironically didn't know what a 'commissioner' was. Angotti eventually became a very by the book patrolman, handing out tickets for jaywalking, including one to her future husband Jason. She and Jason dated and eventually became married, but her long hours and dedication to her work led Jason to cheat on her. Angotti quickly rose through the ranks of the NYPD through extraordinary skill, including an incident where she took down a group of bank robbers single handedly while supposedly off duty. This event may have been a factor in her becoming Commissioner.

Commissioner of the NYPD and the War on the Machine

As her first act as commissioner was to declare war on New York's only vigilante The Great Machine, she told officers to shoot on sight  and would even stand lookout for him on her apartment building in her off-hours. Angotti never let up on him, not even when he wound up saving her and her husband from Jack Pherson. One day the Machine abducted her off the street to a rooftop to suggest a truce and a partner ship , this didn't go well as Angotti struck him with a nightstick and called him a menace, and called him out for accidentally injuring one of her officers while he was apprehending some bank-robbers. This really affected him and may have been one of the factors in him unmasking himself publicly. When the Great Machine in his civilian identity as Mitchell Hundred began his campaign for Mayor, she kept checking up on him, trying to find reasons to arrest him, including almost running him in for campaigning near a polling place on election day. She gets a phone call moments before about the 9/11 attacks and sees Hundred has disappeared. Hundred prevents the attack on the second tower saving Angotti's husband in the process and winning the election in a landslide.

Uneasy Alliance with Hundred

Once Hundred became Mayor , Angotti was forced into an uneasy alliance with him, supporting him in his endeavors but swearing that if he ever put on his Great Machine costume or resumed his vigilante ways that she wouldn't hesitate to have him arrested and thrown in irons.

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