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Commando X, also known as Howell Rice, was a nationalist and black supremacist who believed in the separation of the races. He originally started out bombing white supremacist groups' headquarters like the Sons of Odin. Later his racist ideas pushed him to bomb innocent white establishments like a Jewish temple. Due to his actions, a riot between African-Americans and Jews broke out moments afterward. This would be his first conflict with the hero Static, whom managed to calm the riot as X ran away. The second conflict was at Hemingway High School, ironically the school that Static's alter-ego Virgil Hawkins attends.

It wasn't until their third conflict that Commando X actually meets Static. During a peace rally made against Commando X's actions, Static saves the attendants from volley balls charged by Howell's powers. Afterward, Static chases X but is pummeled with explosively charged chairs. As Static is knocked out, X gets away.

After stopping two more of Commando X's bombing attempts, Static figures out where his next target will be. He then sets a trap, and defeats X by binding him in a rope and then cementing his hands.

He claimed that he didn't want to cause anyone harm but just wanted to get his message across. He referred to those who died in his bombings as casualties.

Powers, abilities, and skills

He can change any inanimate object he touches into an explosive weapon. Very potent explosives if the object is already explosive (i.e. gasoline).


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