Commander Sha'Kel

    Character » Commander Sha'Kel appears in 5 issues.

    A commander of the Yuuzhan Vong species.

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    Commander Sha'kel was in charge of the Yuuzhan Vong slave ship, Tsam'pah. His rank was marked by his red biotech armor, his tattoo and his skin protrusions. He controlled the ship from a biotech enhanced chair, which would bond with him.  
    After taking over the planet Artorias, he captured many Artorians. He ordered his soldiers to bring the Artorian QueenNina Galfridian  before him. But he recieved the princess, Kaye Galfridian instead. He told her that Kaye was meant to be her slave. He intended to learn the language of the galaxy. Then, without warning, he stabbed her, showing her the way that she would embrace pain. 
    Later, when the slaves of the Tsam'pah revolted under the leadership of Kaye, Commander Sha'kel was beheaded by Arbeloa.

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