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Little is known about Commander Kraken's early life. At some point in his life he took up piracy and privateering. 


Commander Kraken was created by Roy Thomas and Sal Buscema.  

Character Evolution

Silver Age  

In his original appearance, Commander Kraken committed his crimes in submersibles called "Squid Ships". He had a hook in place of his left hand.

Bronze Age

Commander Kraken underwent a major redesign in 1976. The character's appearance was altered via plastic surgery, and he was given a rocket-powered prosthetic leg, as well as obtaining an electrified sword and a bionic hand. This revamped version also favoured a brigantine over the squid ship submarines he had previously used, though his ship, The Albatross, could convert into a submarine. 

Major Story Arcs


Commander Kraken begins orchestrating a series of attacks on various ships, the blame for which fell on the Atlanteans. His piracy eventually draws the attention of Namor, who is able to defeat the Commander by inducing the actual mythological Kraken to attack him. 

Iron Man 

Commander Kraken joins HYDRA, and is put in control of their Naval Action Division. He soon comes into conflict with Iron Man, who destroys his fleet. Defeated, Commander Kraken retires from piracy. 

Year of the Scourge 

Now settled in the Midwest, and committing small crimes, Commander Kraken is contacted by Gary Gilbert. The pair meet up in the Bar With No Name to discuss the Scourge of the Underworld and the recent murders of various costumed villains. Commander Kraken and the other villains begin to discuss possible measures that could be taken against the Scourge, but are cut short when the Scourge, who had been disguised as the bartender, opens fire, killing Commander Kraken and all his companions. 

Powers and Abilities

Commander Kraken has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is missing his left hand and left leg. Initially his left hand was replaced with a hook that could emit an electric shock. This hook was later replaced with a bionic hand. He is capable of flight via the use of his bionic leg. He wields an electro-sword which is capable of producing energy beams, as well as deflecting similar attacks. He is a capable sailor and captain, and owns a large boat that can transform into a submarine.  

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