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    Character » Commander Gor appears in 28 issues.

    A member of the Kryptonian Military, he was one of the 600 soldiers who responded to Brainiac's attack under Zod's direction, and was trapped in Kandor until later freed by Kal-El.

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    When the Coluan threat Brainiac attacked the Kryptonian city of Kandor, General Zod was sent to repel the alien threat. Gor was a Commander in the Naval force sent. During the evacuation of the city he fought bravely under Zod's direction, saving as many civilians as he could. In the end, along with 600 other soldiers, he was caught and trapped by Brainiac in the now bottled city Kandor. As the force field cut them off, he heard his General vow to save them. They would spend decades trapped aboard the Coluan's vessel, one of millions of Cities captured by the Bionic menace.

    Years later, a now grown Kal-El, son of famed scientist Jor-El, would confront Brainiac and save the true city of Kandor. He returned the city to earth, where he opened it and set it's 100,000 Kryptonian inhabitants free on earth. Over the first few days Gor and the rest of Kandor's citizens adjusted to freedom. The Kandorians, against the reservations of Gor and others, elected Jor-El and Allura to lead them and allowed themselves to absorb the power of Earth's yellow sun. They decided to explore their new world, as well as to take Kal-El's advice and follow his lead in their interactions with Humans and other denizens of the planet.

    Commander Gor, along with Lieutenant Mur, traveled to America and New York city as they explored what they dubbed "New Krypton". Conversing with Mur he shared the General's last words, and his conviction that Zod would have done everything in his power to go after and save them. He also shares his displeasure with the Brainiac situation, while they have his ship in custody, the Humans have the alien himself. Gor views this as their chance to avenge Krypton, but see's Kal-El's actions as a detriment to that task. He also shares what he heard regarding Zod's exile, and subsequent escape from the Phantom Zone. While he believes that he was wrongly imprisoned, he is not sure he was wrong about turning Earth into a New Krypton. Witnessing a car crash, he and his Lieutenant are unmoved by the peoples pleas for help, and head back to the Arctic.

    Upon his arrival back at the Kandor, Gor hears about the attack of Doomsday on the delegation. He makes a decision, taking Lieutenant Mur with him into Kal-El's Fortress. He once again confides in Mur, sharing his feelings about Zor and Allura leading Kandor. He believes that the ultimate fate of Krypton is to blame on the Scientists who led it. Upon viewing the question he further questions Kal-El's dedication and loyalty to Krypton, wondering why he would fill a place usually used for reflection on the eave of war, with trinkets from his terrestrial experiences. With the attack of Doomsday having convinced him, he declares that Zod is needed by Kandor. Using his powers to locate the Phantom Zone projector he and Mur head to it to prepare to free Zod.

    The Commander is suprised to find Nightwing and Flamebird waiting for him in the Fortress. They are stopped by a blast of fire. Reacting to the threat, Gor and Mur both draw their blasters and take aim. Yet they find their weapons useless, as Nightwing uses his Tactile Telekinesis to dissasemble their guns. Gor is knocked unconscious by a kick to the face from Flamebird. The two then declare that they are waiting and willing to do the same to any other followers of Zod.

    After his recovery from the botched attempt ,Gor returns to buisness as usual. After the reality of the Doomsday attack, Zor-El and Allura decide to sanction attacks against Kal-El's rogues gallery to cut off any chance of attack before it happens, a decision that gains them Gor's approval. Commander Gor is given a millitary task force, and a list of targets to apprehend. Gor's first target is the Parasite, who is in custody in Metropolis. Attacking during a prisoner transfer, Gor and his forces catch the Science Police off-guard. They demand that the Parasite be turned over to their custody, a demand which the officers refuse.

    A fight ensues, in which the Kryptonians easily overwhelm and defeat their opponents leaving no survivors. Gor then continues on to Gotham with Lieutenant Mur to retrieve Toyman. As he enters Arkham he finds Nightwing and Robin waiting for him and subdues the pair. They then retrieve Toyman, before heading to their final assignment. Gor, along with a dozen other citizens of Kandor attack and capture Bizarro. Upon his return to Kandor, Gor reports to Allura on his mission's success and aslo of the casualties that took place in Metropolis. A fact that Allura finds acceptable, earning her Gor's loyalty.

    Gor is sent out with his soldiers once more, this time to apprehend Metallo and Reactron. He is unsuprised when the two surrender easily, and escorts them back to Kandor. When they then launch their assault, they capture him completely unawares, rendered powerless by Reactron's golden Kryptonite Heart, Gor is blasted across the face, leaving him with a serious scar. When the Heroes of Earth launch their asasult on Kandor, Gor launches into action to oppose them, on Allura's orders. He faces off against multiple heroes, including Lantern's John Stewart and Hal Jordan, before confronting Kal-El. Claiming Kal feels inferior because of the Kryptonians prescence on Earth he attacks him, only to be punched clear across Kandor by and angered Kal.

    Landing at the feet of Zatanna and her magical force, he is one of the first Kryptonians depowered by their reverse-enginnering of Freddy's lightning bolt. He was on Kandor when Allura had it removed from Earth, and created New Krypton on the opposite side of Earth's solar system. He serves their loyal once more to General Zod, who we see is now the true power behind Krypton. Gor is later killed by Lex Luthor when he is interrogating Reactron before Reactron's ill fated explosion. However, there seems to be a paradox involved in Gor's death since New Krypton's inhabitants were destroyed by Reactron.

    Powers & Abilities

    Military Training

    As a member of the Kryptonian Military Guild, he received extensive training in the use of weapons, applicable technology, hand to hand combat, strategy, and survival techniques.

    Kryptonian Physiology

    Commander Gor is Kryptonian just like Superman therefore, having the same powers as him. Gor's powers come from the Earth's yellow Sun, endowing him with superhuman abilities like super-strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and breath. He's able to fly, blast heat beams out of his eyes, see and hear from far away, heal almost instantly, and see through objects. Due to being one of the Commanders of the Kryptonian Military Guild, Gor is a leader and an experienced hand-to-hand combatant.

    • Flight: Can defy gravity and fly under his own power, even through outer space.
    • Super Strength: Has great strength. Can lift more than 1,000,000 tons.
    • Super Speed: Can travel great distances in an instant. Able to move nearly as fast as The Flash.
    • Super Hearing: Can hear any sound at any volume or pitch and filer out and focus in on specific voices even in a crowded city.
    • Endurance: Doesn't need to sleep, eat, or drink, can survive in outer space, and can maintain psychical exertion for very long periods of time without tiring.
    • Heat Vision: Can fire rays of extreme heat and power from his eyes.
    • X-Ray Vision: Can see through anything except lead.
    • Telescopic Vision: Can focus his vision down to the microscopic level, or extend it out and focus it on objects far, far away.
    • Super Breath: Can create whirlwinds by forcefully exhaling, or freeze objects or opponents by blowing freezing cold air at them (a.k.a. ice breath).
    • Durability: Nearly impervious to any harm. Though can be hurt by beings with equal or greater power than his own, by magic, or by Kryptonite.
    • Longevity: Ages much slower, though is not truly immortal.
    • Healing: Can heal rapidly from injury.
    • Photographic Memory: Can read at high speeds and remember every detail, as well as remember anything he's experienced with perfect clarity.

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