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This article is about the Flash villain from the 853rd century. For the police officer from the 25th century, see Commander Cold


Very little is known about Commander Cold. Presumably born and raised on Mercury in the 853rd century, he became a criminal operating primarily as a data thief.


Commander Cold was created by Mark Waid, Michael Jan Friedman, and Josh Hood. He made his first appearance in The Flash #1000000

Major Story Arcs

Flash 1000000

When the historical Flash is invited to the 853rd century, Commander Cold is induced by Solaris to join forces with fellow villain Heatwave. Together they create a machine that uses Flash's kinetic energy to force Mercury to begin rotating, which will destroy the planet. He nearly manages to destroy Flash, who he believes to be an imposter, but Flash escapes. They chase him to the Rock of Eternity, where Cold and Heatwave turn on one another. He is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Flash, Captain Marvel, and Tanist.

Powers and Abilities

Commander Cold has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He appears to be fairly intelligent, and may have some mechanical engineering skill.

Weapons and Equipment

Commander Cold carries a gun that enables him to create absolute zero to a variety of effects, including creating fast-moving black ice crystals. By unknown means he is able to use his cold technology to extract data from the minds of individuals he has frozen. He wears "skull gear" that allows him to track, observe and react to the Flash even when he is travelling too quickly for the human eye. He also presumably has an implant that allows him to connect to the "headnet."


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