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    Comixtribe is an indie publisher that publishes many acclaimed comics and has one goal. Their goal is to help creators make better comics.

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    ComixTribe has published books such as Scam, The Standard, and The Red Ten. Their mission statement being "Creators helping creators make better comics.".


    Tyler James (Publisher/co creator), Steven Forbes (Editor-In-Chief/ co creator), Steve Colle (Senior Editor), Yannick Morin (Community Manager), Matt Zolman (Graphic Design), John Lees (Senior Reviewer), Joe Mulvey, Jules Rivera, Mark Poulton, Cesar Feliciano, Jonathan Rector(Talent) are just a few people from this publishing company.


    With their new website, ComixTribe has their own online community for creators and artists to post and improve their craft. The site features quality content and resources for creators serious about improving their craft. The columns consists of six main threads.

    Comix Counsel

    Comix Counsel is where Tyler James brings the ins and outs of bringing your comic into the market.

    Bolts & Nuts

    Bolts & Nuts is where Steven Forbes talks about creating comics, from the idea to the execution.

    The Proving Grounds

    The Proving Grounds is where Steven Forbes and Steve Colle helps edit your scripts.

    The Points on Impact

    The Points on Impact is where Yannick Morin breaks down current comics, giving points to learn from.

    Breaking the Page

    Breaking the Page has Steve Colle breaking down and critiquing choices that martists make when penciling a page.


    Soapbox is where Steven Forbes takes a position on current topics and does his best to defend it.

    30 Characters Challenge

    Comixtribe also sponsor special online events throughout the year. One most popular event is the 30 Characters Challenge. In which creators have to create 30 new characters for 30 consecutive days.

    FCBD 2013

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    Comixtribe participated on Free Comic Book Day 2013 with Issue 0 of The Red Ten.


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