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History of the Story Arc

Arcadia Logo
Arcadia Logo

The Comics' Greatest World was a universe for Dark Horse that took three years in the concept stage before finally coming to comic book form. It started with a sixteen issue story arc by the same name and a three issue prelude that started in Dark Horse Com ics. There is also a source book for the universe/story arc.

The first three prelude issues of the story arc were in issues eight, nine, and ten called who is X. The next sixteen issues are four, four issue mini-series that are based in or next to the four major cities in the universe, Golden City, Arcadia, Steel Harbor and Vortex. Each city or area is represented by a logo. Arcadia for example has a balanced scale logo with a circle and a cross through it representing the unbalanced justice system in the city.

Collected Editions

  • Comics' Greatest World: Arcadia
  • Comics' Greatest World: Cinnabar Flats
  • Comics' Greatest World: Golden City
  • Comics' Greatest World: Steel Harbor
  • Ghost Stories (contains the Ghost issue from CGW: Arcadia)

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