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    Comico comics was one of the preeminent independent comic book publishers in the United States from 1982 - 1990.

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    Founded in 1982 by Gerry Giovincio and Bill Cucinotta, Comico comics was one of the top independent publishers in the United States. Some of Comico's original comics series included: Elementals, Grendel and Mage: The Hero Discovered, as well as many second tier titles like Jonny Quest and Robotech. Comico declared bankruptcy in 1986 and stopped operations completely in 1990. The owners finally sold the company to Andrew Rev who restarted the company in 1992, using Bill Willingham's Elementals. Despite several false starts during the mid to late 90's (again with Willingham's Elementals characters), Comico has continued to remain inactive.


    In July of 2009, the co-founders of Comico, Gerry Giovincio and Bill Cucinotta, launched a webcomics site called CO2 Comics. Although Giovincio and Cucinotta no longer hold claim to any of Comico's trademarks, they currently publish online works by many of their original stable of Comico creators.


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