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    Proper Japanese Title: コミックモーニング

    Comic Morning (shortened its name to Morning in late 1991) began in 1982 as a comic magazine for adult males, distinguished from the publisher's Young Magazine which started two years earlier and became one of the major magazines of the seinen manga demographic.

    Comic Morning is generally distinct from other major comic magazines in that it has no direct comparison within other successful magazines, which is rather unusual because most manga magazines have a contemporary counterpart aimed at the same demographic, in a similar style and even released on the same day. Most of the magazines tied to Comic Morning were built off of it in later decades (like Afternoon and Evening) or were its own special issues (like Party or Magnum). During this era through the 80's before the name change, its most direct comparison was Big Comic Spirits and both magazines increased from a bimonthly publishing to a weekly rate in 1986, a publishing rate they have kept ever since.

    Comic Morning's first issue was promoted as distinctive for its all-star line-up of creators (Chiba Tetsuya, Hiroshi Motomiya, Shinji Mizushima, George Akiyama, Noboru Kawasaki, Baron Yoshimoto). Most of these initial authors did not stick with the magazine for very long apart from Motomiya who became something of a mainstay through the name change until 1994. The notable early serialization Be Free! (the debut from Tatsuya Egawa) came about from Motomiya promoting his assistant's work to the major publisher's editorial departments and Comic Morning taking interest.

    Morning's early covers were a mix of illustrations and photos that very rarely had any relation to the comic contents but it changed things up so regularly that it never developed a long-standing cover-style before switching to its own serializations getting the cover in 1985 (something it has mainted ever since). Ōinaru Kan and Chōjin Haruko were rare early examples of serializations getting a cover.

    During these early years, many of the major author's and serializations that would define the magazine for decades already started publishing. Tochi Ueyama, Kei Sadayasu, Kenshi Hirokane and Kaiji Kawaguchi all started at this time, with none of them being new authors to the industry but all coming from different magazines with their work in Morning becoming some of their most notable. Another major early serialization was Makoto Kobayashi's What's Michael? (1984-1989). Kobayashi left Morning after the serialization ended in 1989 but would return to the magazine family in 2001 with the launch of Evening where he became a regular throughout its lifetime. Other authors who started here but moved to sister magazines like Afternoon included Hitoshi Iwaaki, Masashi Tanaka and Kenji Tsuruta.

    By the time of the name change, the line-up had significantly expanded from the beginning and major serializations around the time of the switch-over included Kachō Shima Kōsaku, Cooking Papa, Aa Harimanada, Naniwa Kinyūdō, Chinmoku no Kantai, Reggie, Tensai Yanagisawa Kyōju no Seikatsu and Aishiteru.


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