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    A page dedicated to the general definitions of scales, powers and power levels for all comics.

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    Power Level Definitions

    1. Omniscience – Knowing all things (past, presence and future, locations) in an actuality
    2. Omnipresence – Being in all places within a single universe at the same time.
    3. Omnitemporal – Existing in all times simultaneously in an actuality
    4. Omniversal – Existing is all dimensions, all alternate realities simultaneously in an actuality
    5. Omnipotent – Having truly unlimited power (capable of any feat) – can often be confused with having the above abilities as it can simulate them on a case by case basis.

    Cosmic Scale and Definitions

    1. Actuality (A Comic Company – Marvel, DC, Amalgam, Vertigo, etc...)
    2. Cosmic Anchor Points – Dimensions outside the Actuality (but still part of it). In Marvel – Death’s Realm, White Hot Room, Atelza’s Domain are examples of this.
    3. Omniverse (Collection of Dimensions, Alternate Realities, Planes of Existence within an Actuality)
    4. Universe – an individual Reality and it’s specific related planes of existence (i.e. some universes within the Marvel Multiverse could have sub-dimensions that not all Alternate Realities would).
    5. Alternate Reality – The Cosmic Dice game of possibility and variety. In theory, for each universe exists each possible outcome of events for that universe (i.e. A universe would have an alternate reality where The Fantastic Four never received their powers). House of M, Age of Apocalypse, and the Exiles jumping are all examples of Alternate Realities.
    6. Dimensional Shifting is often confused with Alternate Realities and although on the same scale they are usually shared amongst all Alternate Realities in an Actuality (some exceptions do exist). The Mystic Real of The Crossroads and The Nexus of realities and the microverse are examples.
    7. Super Cluster – A grouping of galactic clusters and rogue galaxies on a similar cosmic expansion trajectory.
    8. Galactic Cluster – A grouping of galaxies on a similar cosmic expansion trajectory.
    9. Galaxy – A collections of Solar Systems and rogue stellar bodies orbiting around a central point relative to each other.
    10. Solar System – A collections of stellar bodies rotating around a central Star.
    11. Planet – A Centralized mass of matter formed into a balanced and cohesive stellar body of varying density.
    12. Planetoid – A Centralized mass of matter usually formed from the destruction of a larger stellar body, usually solid in form.
    13. Moon – A Centralized mass of matter formed into a balanced and cohesive stellar body of varying density orbiting around a planet, planetoid or moon.

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