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1. The Fox and the Crow: it's 104 degrees out, and the ice cream man has only one ice cream bar left. Will Fox or Crow get it?

2. Blabber Mouse: Blabber has a super duper secret, but he gave it to a decoy Tomcat, so when the real Tomcat show up, he doesn't believe it.

3. Custer Cat and Cheesy Mouse: Custer is on his way to the Cats' Whiskers Athletic and Canasta Society picnic with a basket full of food, and Cheesy wants some!

4. Nip and Chip: Chip's birthday is tomorrow, and how can he let Nip know without being too obvious about it? And later, can Chip convince Nip his birthday is every day?

5. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: interesting plants and animals

6. The Dodo and the Frog: Frog tries to convince Dodo to get into the ring to box Battling Bosco for a $100 prize. As Dodo's manager, he'll only take a $99 cut. Can Dodo's training help him win?

7. Doodles Duck: Doodles has an easy way to make ten bucks with just a hammock tied between two trees.

8. Ruthie Riddles: riddles page

9. Biggety Bear: Biggety lost one of his invisible baseballs that he needs for a show he's performing in very soon. Can his manager help?

10. Trixy the Puzzle Monkey: puzzle and activity page

11. Ruff and Reddy: Ruff has a mouse problem and wants Reddy to help.

12. The Dalmation: full text story with spot illustrations

13. Goofy Goose; Goofy wants the black and white striped outfit and the ball and chain of a newly escaped prisoner. He even wants the police to take him in!

14. Pencils the Clown: puzzle page

15. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy is crying and needs help, but his friends don't completely trust him.

16. Superboy Job Counselor: PSA page



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