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1. The Fox and the Crow; Crow got a new car, but Fox got a better one, and this infuriates Crow!

2. Trixy the Magic Monkey: Trixy shows you a trick on if you put three names in a hat, you can pick the right one every time

3. The Raccoon Kids: The kids see Mugsy ripping off Buggsy the bear and do something about it.

4, Blabber Mouse: The mice leave a note that they're tired of Blabber blabbering so Blabber and Tomcat set off to find them.

5. Little Buffalo Billy; Billy shows you some Western animals

6. Custer Cat and Cheesy the Mouse: Custer goes bird watching and packs a lunch that Cheesy wants!

7. The Dodo and the Frog: the duo goes to the beach, and Frog keeps popping Dodo's inflatable horses. What can Dodo do?

8. J. Rufus Lion: J. gets a book on how to be smart so he won't get tricked so much by Mortimer Rat, or so Mortimor wants him to think!

9. Nip and Chip: it's raining, and Chip tries to convince Nip to buy some sunshine. Wil lthis scheme work?

10. Goofy Goose: Goofy is crying because he has a funny book, but can't paint, so one of his friends gives him a paintbrush and paint to get his career started.

11. Nothing but the Worst: a full text Fox and Crow story with a couple of illustrations.

12. Nutsy Squirrel: A couple of guys hide a brick under a hat on the road so someone kicks it. but Nutsy puts the hat on his head, and it's way too big for his heaed. What happens when he paints a scary face on it?

13. "Pencils" the Clown: puzzle page

14. A Salute to the Boy Scouts of America: a PSA featuring Batman, Robin, and Superman



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