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1. The Fox and the Crow: The Crow comes to Fox's House because he thinks his washing machine is broken, but he was just playing a record ...

2. Blabber Mouse: Blabber doesn't seem to be interested in secrets for once.

3. Ruthie Riddles: riddle page

4. Roly and Poly: McGonigle's new scheme is to wear a cabbage on his head to chisel Roly and Poly

5. Cheepy: Cheepy wants his cousin to get a job

6. The Dodo and the Frog: Frog reads that dodos are extinct and tries to convince Dodo of that fact. Can the professor help him?

7. It's Fun to Know: factual article

8. J. Rufus Lion: J. Rufus has some strawberries Mortimer wants! Can he cook up a scheme to get them?

9. Pete the Pup: Pete offers the Wolf a penny for his thoughts.

10. Goofy Goose: Pierre van Hare the artist wants to paint a scene, but Goofy keeps ruining them.

11. The Laughing Horse: Full text article with illustration

12. Little Arthur's Surprise Cartoon: Can you fill in the grid to see what the cartoon is?

13. Custer Cat and Cheesy the Mouse: Custer and Cheesy look for a house. Can Flummery Fox help and not rip them off?

14. Nutsy Squirrel "Nutsy at the Bat" : Nutsy plays baseball

15. Superman's Code for Buddies: PSA



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