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1. The Fox and the Crow: Crow smells something good coming from Fox's house, so he grabs a plate and rushes over. But Fox only made chemicals that smell and taste like good food. Crow wants these chemicals to start a business, but he doesn't have the money to pay for them. Fox won't accept IOUs, so crow thinks of other ways of getting them.

2. Fun an' Fact: factual article

3. Blabbermouse: The mice are tired of Blabbermouse blabbing to Tomcat as to where their hideout is, so they try and get his conscience to convince him not blab. But how can they do it? And what happens when Tomcat's conscience visits him?

4. The Raccoon Kids: Muggsy tells the kids how he was supposedly flying planes when he was young and even skywriting too! Will they catch on to his fibbing?

5. Ruthie Riddles: riddles page

6. J Rufus Lion: Mortimer Ratt's well has gone dry, so he has to dig a new one, or maybe he can trick J. into doing it for him. Maybe he can convince to dig a hole to an exotic location to visit for a vacation.

7. The Dodo and the Frog: There's gold in them thar ... ocean?!?

8. "Animal Hunt: a game where players try to snap a coin on a number and get to 25 first.

9. Ozzie Owl: Ozzie opens up a general store and the rabbits try and get some free food from it. They spot a notice that Ozzie will pay anyone $10 if he cannot supply any item the customer asks for, so they try and think of things he doesn't have in stock...

10. Nip and Chip: Nip has some jellybeans, so how can Chip chisel some away from him?

11. Little Arthur's Surprise Cartoon!: A drawing puzzle page

12. Batman and Robin Stand Up for Sportsmanship!: PSA

13. Goofy Goose: The guys in the neighborhood are about to play a game of baseball, and Goofy wants to play too. But they don't want him to play, but they don't want to hurt his feeling either. What will they do?

14. The Champion Sandman: full text story with illustration

15. The Dodo and the Frog: Dodo was going to mail a letter for frog, but it was too heavy and needed more postage.

16. Nutsy Squirrel: Kurious Kat gets mad when he's told cats are curious, and he sets out to prove they aren't.



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