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1. The Fox and the Crow: Crow wants Fox to sell him house so he can sell it to someone else for a big profit, but where will Fox live? Crow decides to try and make him think his house is haunted to make him sell it...

2. Nutsy Squirrel: A fox offers Nutsy fire insurance

3. Blabber Mouse: The mice bake Blabber a cake with a special ingredient, glue, to make him shut up.

4. The Raccoon Kids: The Raccoons tell Muggsy they're going to see "The Tuscan Mob." it's just a movie, but Muggsy doesn't know that!

5. J. Rufus Lion: Rufus has the only sunny spot in town, and Mortimer wants to trick him out of it. His plan is to "recall" things that Rufus said he would do, but Rufus doesn't remember any of it.

6. The Dodo and the Frog: An old man is looking for his son so he can give him a week's salary of $20 million, so Dodo and Frog try and convince him they're his son. They do convince him, and they all go to Washington D.C. where the money is, but there's a catch...

7. Trixy the Puzzle Monkey: Puzzle and activity page

8. Doodles Duck: Doodles and Buttons get a job as farm hands and do just about everything wrong

9. Animal Flips Starring ... Dodo: You can make a mini flip book with Dodo

10. Funny Fez: Funny is taken on a one way cruise to Egypt to help with the "labor shortage." Can Funny escape from his slave job?

11. The Green Arrow and the Red Feather Kid: PSA for Community Chest Campaigns

12. Little Arthur's Surprise Cartoon: Puzzle page

13. Giggle-Toons Presents "The Tree that Branched Out": A tree goes to the city in search of excitement. But he blocks traffic, so what can be done?

14. It's Fun to Know: Puzzle and fact page

15. Patrick Parrot's Unnatural History: "Why the Giraffe Is Silent"

16. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy breaks in on the Professors while they are showcasing to each other inventions that are supposed to keep burglars out. Will Nutsy's own invention of a cut up paper doll save the day when a pair of burglars actually come?



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