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1. Fox and Crow: Crow has two pieces of bread, and wants Fox to supply the middle part to make a sandwich. Fox tells him no, so Crow builds a giant robot.

2. Blabber Mouse: the mice hook Blabber to a machine that records when his mouth his shut and pays him a dime an hour to keep from blabbing. How can Tomcat overcome this?

3. The Raccoon Kids: The raccoons want to teach Mugsy a lesson for acting so tough and being mean.

4. Fun an' Fact: factual article

5. Goofy Goose: Goofy won a car, but wanted a TV set, so his "friends" make a fake TV to trade with him.

6. Roly and Poly: Roly and Poly want to get rid of Danny who is eating them out of house and home. So they try and get him a job, but the big lummox keeps screwing up.

7. The Dodo and the Frog in the World Famous Opera "Carmen Round the Mountain!"; Dodo and the Frog do Carmen.

8. Ozzie Owl: The rabbits try and convince Ozzy that his head is shrinking.

9. Sweeney and Willy: after getting out of jail and led to the outskirts of town, the duo find a treasure map. Wait until they see where the treasure is!

10. It's Fun to Know: factual article

11. Giggle Toons: "The Gorilla Who Changed His Mind"

12. Funny Facts: humorous factual article

13. Patrick Parrot's Unnatural History: "Why the Pygmy Elephant Is Small"

14. Buzzy Says Stay in School - Give Yourself a Break!: PSA

15. Nutsy Squirrel: The Professor decides to become a ventriloquist. What does Nutsy do when the dummy starts insulting him?



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