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1. The Fox and the Crow: Fox and Crow get a hold of Jack's (of beanstalk fame) beans. Will they get rich when they visit the giant's house?

2. Blabber Mouse: Tomcat tries his hand at hypnotism so he can make Blabber Mouse reveal where the mice's new hideout is.

3. Fun an' Fact: factual article

4. The Raccoon Kids: The raccoons stop a purse snatcher, but Mugsy the Mole has a better story to tell.

5. Goofy Goose: Goofy impresses everyone by playing golf without a ball. What's his scheme?

6. Roly and Poly: Roly and Poly try to get their very strong Pal Danny to box the champ Percy for a money prize, but he'll only fight someone if they call him a mean name.

7. Superman on Safety First: Superman stars in a public service message (written by Jack Schiff)

8. The Dodo and the Frog: Dodo sees his reflection in the water, and thinks it needs rescuing, so Frog "helps" him to get a reward. Frog gets his fee, but every time Dodo looks again, he sees the dodo wasn't rescued!

9. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: fun facts about nature

10. Ozzie Owl: the rabbits put a firecracker near Ozzie, causing him to fly in the air and land on one of them. This causes the rabbit to only be able to speak backwards. Maybe dropping another heavy object on him will help, but maybe not.

11. J. Rufus Lion: it's Children's Day, Rufus is giving out free food, and Mortimer wants some! So Mortimer dresses like a baby, and does such a good job of tricking Rufus, he takes him home. What will he do when Mortimer acts up?

12. It's Fun to Know: factual article

13. Patrick Parrot's Unnatural History: Why the Tiger Is Striped

14. Doodles Duck: Doodles and his rabbit pal want to see a movie, but they're both broke. They get in by convincing the Usher that they're special guests of the star of the movie.

15. Circus Flips Starring ... Swordo: The reader can make a two panel flip book

16. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy gets a cuckoo clock as a gift, and ironically, it goes cuckoo at the wrong time.



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