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1. The Fox and the Crow: Fox gets a canary, and Crow, also a bird, wonders why he shouldn't get free meals too. So Crow sets the canary free, and makes himself yellow and goes into the cage. Will he like his new life?

2. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: factual article regarding strange plants and animals

3. Blabber Mouse: The mice are sick of Blabber mouse's blabbering, but they know they can't shut him up, so they decide to plug up Tomcat's ears instead.

4. Trixy the Magic Monkey: Trixy, with the help of Nutsy and the Professor, shows you how to always pick which bottle cap the coin is under.

5. Funny Fez: The locals are terrorized by a sea monster and there's a $100,000 reward on its head. Funny has a plan, and it involves Sinbad.

6. Goofy Goose: A couple of Goofy's inventions, and their effects on the locals are shown.

7. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy tries to act more like a Boy Scout, all to the detriment of those he tries to help. But the Police Chief has an idea!

8. Animal Flips Starring ... Blabber Mouse: shows how you can make a mini flip book with Blabber

9. J. Rufus Lion: J is appointed to Second Assistant Assistant Police Man, and mortimer has just the scam!

10. Willy Wolf: Willy's son is a successful photographer, so it should be easy for him to be one too, right?

11. Funny Facts: humorous factual article

12. Patrick parrot's Unnatural History: "Why Dogs Are Tame"

13. Nip and Chip: Chip convinces Nip to take lessons with the Drum he got, but Nip sold the drum to pay for them. How will Chip still be able to give him lessons?

14. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: factual article regarding strange plants and animals

15. The Dodo and the Frog: Frog meets Hotten Kold, the guy who makes the weather. Frog convinces him to show him how weather is made so Hotten can take the day off. Frog then uses his powers to pull a money making scheme on Dodo



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