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1. The Fox and the Crow: It's Valentines Day, and they exchange their own special Valentine's Day gifts, a spring loaded boxing glove. Can Cupid help them make amends?

2. Ma nature's Curiosity Shop: peculiar plants and animals

3. Blabber Mouse: Tomcat wants to crash the mice's party, so he hides in a piece of "Trojan Cheese"

4. The Raccoon Kids: Mugsy Mole thinks he's being followed by the F.B.I.

5. Joe Kangaroo: Joe has to cover the local orchid show, but gets kicked out because it's the flower's feeding time, and just wait until you see what the plant food is!

6. Richut: Richut gets $20, and takes his friend to buy a car, they finally get a real cheap one, and a wacky car ride ensues.

7. Nutsy Squirrel: Nutsy finds a giant magnet at the city dump, and keeps attracting things with it.

8. Animal Flips starring ... Nutsy Squirrel : a cut out page to make a mini 2 page flip book with Nutsy

9. Goofy Goose: Goofy invites his friends to his private pool ... that is just an area of dry sand. What's he up to?

10. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: factual article about peculiar plants and animals

11. Nip and Chip: Nip signed up for an ocean voyage to France, but he has to make a bunch of payments until 1987. Chip then gets a better idea for Nip.

12. Willy Wolf: The adults try and keep the kids from fighting, then get into a fight

13. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: factual article about peculiar plants and animals

14. Patrick Parrot's Unnatural History: "Why Goats Climb Mountains" (textual article)

15. Ma Nature's Curiosity Shop: factual article about peculiar plants and animals

16. The Dodo and the Frog: Frog wins some money, and his frog friend wants him to buy him a meal. So he gets in a food eating contest with Dodo, and will pass some food out the window for his frog friend. So what can go wrong?



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